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You are a being that is now capable of evolving, a being capable of collaboration. Not with just each other, but with nature.
Sep 13, 2017
Prem’s four international birthday celebrations for the year was kicked off in September at Ivory’s Rock Conference Center near Brisbane, Australia (Amaroo). Over 4000 guests from all over the world attended this 5-day convention. Here’s Prem’s 2nd address on Day 3.

And I’m not a spiritualist. I’m not a spiritualist. I am not; I’m allergic to spirituality. I break out in hives, and I have to take, you know, all these pills to just calm it down. Like, “Ha-ha, forget it.” No, I don’t, but....

But they say that even the universe comes together to back you up. I have a scientific explanation for it. The universe came together to put you here. All the dust that had to come to make this earth.... Most of the water came from outer space. And this universe yielded, in its fashion, in its fashion—nobody can understand why—but in its fashion it yielded and allowed the earth to be.

Luckily, gravity was one of the rules and as it started to come together, it started to spin faster and faster and started to pull together, and pull together, and pull together, and pull together, and pull together—and it formed a semi-sphere. And on this came the water.

And it had to settle down. It was hot! Molten—as it still is in its core. And it went through, and at any given time, any part of the universe could have obliterated this fragile planet, but somehow it yielded. And all that that went, and happened, and happened, and happened, and happened 4.9 billion years ago, allowed for you to be sitting here today.

Through an infinite number of steps, complex! Your skin, courtesy of lizards. Scaled back—lost the scales, but courtesy of lizards. Eyes that used to be on the sides started to move forward, courtesy of other creatures. Hearing, the way it had to be for you to be able to have ears, courtesy of one of the creatures.

And these creatures, all these creatures, billions of them, left behind little things that that came together, came together, came together, came together, came together, came together—and then, there could be a human being.

And not even that—just, even the whole evolution of separating, and separating, and separation—a little difference, a little difference, a little difference, from the monkeys. And not so big difference from the Neanderthal man. But, separating, separating, separating, separating—and finally coming to the point where you get to be Homo sapiens.

It’s a gift! And when you feel you, when you understand you, when you know you, you have put the whole puzzle of the universe in place. Why? Because now, truly, you are a success. Not a failure—a success.

It’s a being that is now capable of evolving, a being capable of collaboration. Not with just each other, but with nature! Nations. And if you look—I mean, you look—you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. In the weeding-out process of nature, war-mongers would simply die out. Because they’d kill each other.

And the only ones that would remain—right?—and go on, go on, are the ones who found that little niche in peace! Because they’re not self-destructive. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.

So, it may take a while. For the dinosaurs, it was 160 million years they were ruling—and, pretty violent guys! And you look at the rule! There are predators in this world, and then there are herbivores. But do you know what the balance is? It’s amazing. There are a lot more herbivores than there are predators. Very few predators.

There is that migration that happens of the wildebeest and of the zebras. Maybe there are fifty, fifty crocks, but there may be ten thousand, twenty thousand, fifty thousand wildebeest.

All it needs is a little niche to go on. And by the virtue of that peace, those who like peace, who perpetuate peace, who garner peace, who hold peace dear to their hearts, have the best chance. And those who are just killing each other, most likely they get killed too. And they lose the capability of further reproducing their genes. At that point, kkkrch, it’s done.

- Prem Rawat

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