A truly magnificent address by Prem. To be able to watch your addresses around the world on Timeless Today has changed my world. Thank you Kathy

comment on

Thank you My dear Prem.

comment for Prem Rawat in Madrid (Audio) | Audio

Thank You Sir for Great qoute it opened my eyes literally and it brought more awareness in my life .

comment for TimelessToday Quote | Text

Very helpful to become more clear and more sincere to myself. And so full of love!

comment on

Indescriptible emoción aquí en Medellín listo a disfrutar el evento en línea. Gracias, Prem Rawat. Y gracias al equipo de Timelesstoday!

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Life changing!...💌

comment for The Answer Within (Video) | Video

Like so many others, this video is a true inspiration, thank you.

comment for The Business of Life | Video

I like the topic...dignity and enjoyed Prem talking about the lion with its head held high. For myself I would like to have true dignity living inside me.🍀

comment for Why Dignity? | Video

My ears heart are singing with joy and hope for what I have just witnessed and heard. Thank you. I feel richer inside.🐳

comment for Prem Rawat in Paris (Video) | Video

One of the most refreshing and helpful analogies I’ve heard in a long time ❤️❤️❤️✨

comment for The Most Precious Diamond | Video

Incredibly beautiful..thank you!

comment for The Season of Peace | Video

Everyone has a gift. Find your gift...then pursue it to no end; then that will be your destiny. Your an absolute marksman with your words. I really would like to open my unopened gift. I will try till I am no longer. I figure if you can see and feel the gift, you will be able to open it. 💝

comment for An Unopened Gift (Video) | Video

Thank you so much Prem ❤️🙏

comment for Reconciling Existence | Video

So simply and emphatically put. The wall I will one day go through doesn’t seem to worry me as it once did. I enjoy the gentle action of breathing. I especially like it when I breathe easy.🍃

comment for A Powerful Force | Video

That was such a beautiful event! I feel replenished. Great story telling and boundless wisdom shared. Truely awesome. 🎁

comment for For Your Life (Video) | Video

Listening to you for 4 minutes completely changed my day...thank you.

comment for What Life Wants to Show You | Video

Perfect! Very timely for me. Your voice, your words bring me comfort. Your clarity penetrates the mask that I think I have to put on to protect myself. Bingo! It’s all there, within me, everything I’ve ever longed for! Thank you for always reminding me that the Joy I’m looking for is within me. I’m eternally grateful. 🙏

comment for Your Life, Your Day | Audio

बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद श्री प्रेम रावत जी

comment for संवाद : पी.टी.सी. न्यूज के साथ (PTC News Interview) Video | Video

wonderful quote by my prem

comment for TimelessToday Quote | Text

This video really touched me tears. Prem has a way of bringing out the hearts truest wish.🐚😔

comment for Your Quest | Video

So sweet. So true. Thank you.

comment for Simple Wisdom | Audio

Beautiful. Genius. Thanks.

comment for The Antidote to Fear | Video

I really felt deeply moved the way you talked about the intelligence of the trees, that they pretty well do everything us humans do except walk, and they support each other to an incredible extent. I have watched a few YouTube clips with plants and seen in the films how their roots have a knowing of their own; they seem to feel and choose where they need to go and what to clasp onto. A very beautiful event. Enjoyed very much the two stories too.🕊

comment for The Answer Within (Video) | Video

Thank you very much for this app Now I can be in touch when ever I want These short audio clips are so good Reminds you where ur attention has to be Thanks again Pankaj Chandarana Chennai India

comment for The Happiness Perspective | Audio

really changed my mind about how i see my bad day. 👍 wonderful

comment on

comment on

Incredible or maybe credible. Thank you for saying it.

comment for A Voice for Peace | Video

Great advice. Thank you.

comment for Amaroo 2017 Day 1 - clip 2 | Video

Sweetest App in the History of the Universe !!! ✌️

comment for A Mind and a Heart | Video

Right, that's it.

comment on

Sweet...hmmmm, emanates.

comment for You, Emanating You | Video

Thank you for this wonderful app. I'm just sitting on a plane waiting for boarding to finish and filled with a lovely feeling of joy reading different extracts. It's brilliant! Happy New Year Prem and thank you so very much this wonderful gift.

comment for Flower of Breath | Text

Thank you so much for this. It is such a lifeline...

comment for Defeat the Dragons | Audio

So beautiful and Awesome

comment for South Africa - A Retrospective | Video

Reading this from an inmate brought tears to my eyes and made me feel deeply in love with this Knowledge that you teach may I be strong enough to walk towards that light every day thank you PremI believe you save my life as well. And I hope I have the strength to make good choices for myself so I can grow and love myself better than I do now.

comment for You have affected my life | Text

An amazing and enlightening video. Thank you

comment for South Africa - A Retrospective | Video

Wow!! Thank you so much for beautiful message with sweet& simple example.👌🙏☺️

comment for The Pressure Cooker | Video

So concise so touching so sincere So sweet so beautiful so true so warm So endearing Thank you Thank you from the heart 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

comment for The Living Legacy | Video

Excellent- needed to hear this today. Thank you.

comment for Defeat the Dragons | Audio

So little said covers so much Amazing . 🌼🌼💛🌼🌼

comment for Just Right | Video

This App is wonderful. Thank you. So cheering and real. Liked hearing comments from people who attended or took part in London Celebrate Life event.

comment for Celebrate Life | Video

Taking that deep breath of FREEDOM. What a feeling. That picture says it all.

comment on

Prem’s comment on going to heaven only when one has created heaven on earth is brilliant ! Truly brilliant!

comment for There is Compassion | Video

Just so amazing to have this content at any time of the day or night to listen to and watch! Extremely thankful and I really look forward to new content, can’t wait to subscribe! xx

comment for São Paulo 2016 | Video

So powerful!

comment for Champions of Hope | Video

Thank you for your incredible effort to remind me every day how precious this life is. I need reminding. And this app makes it so much easier & fun. Thanks to everyone involved.

comment for The Living Legacy | Video

The Ultimate Knowledge Base!! Just brilliant. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. Much love & respect.

comment for Walk With Strength | Text

What a great app! Definitely the best one on my iPhone. Thank you so much Prem! And all the team that worked so hard on this. Best Christmas present ever! Great! Great! Great job!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

comment for The Magic Formula | Audio

Thank you Prem Rawat and everyone else involved in making this app a reality. ❤️ to you all😘

comment for Exquisite Burning Lamp | Video

Born to Feel - Nice video

comment for Born to Feel (audio) | Audio

Nice audio

comment for It's up to you | Audio

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