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Der Papagei, der alles wusste und nichts konnte

No one can take your inner freedom. Hurt no one.
2/19/2018 12:00:00 AM
“To live peacefully, we have to be at peace with ourselves." -Prem Rawat Prem Rawat takes the reader on a journey into our inner self with enchanting and wise fables that makes one pause and think, "What is really important in life?" Peace is a prerequisite for a fulfilling life. Illustrated by the Japanese artist Aya Shiroi.

Following the release of Prem Rawat’s book in Spain, a leading German book publisher recently announced the launch of Prem’s book 'Der Papagei, der alles wusste und nichts konnte’ (known to English readers as ‘Splitting the Arrow - Understanding The Business of Life’).

The book is available now from leading High Street and online book sellers across Germany.

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