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Life Breath

Do you know how they will figure out you’re gone?
9/18/2015 12:00:00 AM
We must understand that our breath is fundamentally our life. It was the sole focus when we were born, and should continue to be as important today.

When you were born, in the whole room they were only focusing on one thing—not if you are a boy or a girl, not your palm of your hands, of what your fortune is going to be. Only one thing: “Are you breathing or not?” This is how it is. If you’re not breathing, the doctor slaps you, “Breathe!” Again, “Breathe!” You go, “Aaaaa!” Doctor is happy; you are breathing.

All your life you’re going to breathe! Do you know how they will figure out you’re gone? “Are you breathing or not?”

In the hospital, if they have a machine and the machine says you are dead, but you’re still breathing, what do you think the doctor is going to hit? You or the machine? The doctor is not going to come to you and say, “Hey! The machine says you are dead!” No, the doctor is going to hit the machine! “You are broken.”

– Prem Rawat

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