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You’ll literally be sitting in your car, train, living room, in your kitchen—and be in touch with what is going on around the world. I mean, this is the power of this APP, this Internet radio.
Sep 13, 2017
Prem’s four international birthday celebrations for the year was kicked off in September at Ivory’s Rock Conference Center near Brisbane, Australia (Amaroo). Over 4000 guests from all over the world attended this 5-day convention. Here’s Prem’s 1st address on Day 3.

So, we already talked a little bit about the new approach and what does this new approach look like. So, so far this year—I talked about 2016—so far this year, to this point, already 120 million, 300,000 people reached. That does not include the Colombia broadcast.

It’s…also does not include all the interviews and things that have to happen in India, which are still to go. So this year, we should be comfortably over a hundred percent of 2016.

Invitations just started pouring in, because we’ve been able to create a very powerful dossier of “what Prem Rawat looks like on radio.” And, you know, I had to…I had to take a course in how to speak on the radio. I mean, it’s like…so, it’s very different. I mean, who would…who would have ever figured you’re supposed to smile when you talk on the radio? It’s like, I wouldn’t have! Like, “Well, you know, you can make mean faces all day long, yeah....”

But you really and literally have to imagine yourself—and most people listen to the radio when they’re driving. And so, you have to really imagine yourself, that you really are in the passenger seat. “And when you smile, they hear your smile.” It’s like, “Okay.”

And so, things have moved much more towards radio, TV, print media, books, PEP, PEAK, live events, virtual events, and of course, TimelessToday.

People don’t have one hour of time to watch the whole event. They want five minutes—“Give me five minutes; give me three minutes; give me two minutes.” It’s a fast world. You’re driving. You’ve got—you’ve got a lunch break; you’ve got a break—right?—from your office job, and you’ve got maybe, five minutes—is all you’ve got. And in that five minutes, could you be reached with a message? Yes!

And so, TimelessToday has really taken on, in a way, the responsibility of satisfying me—how I want my message presented. And you really have to appreciate that. I know how you want to consume the message.

So, it has been very, very difficult because there is everybody who wants to drive what’s on TimelessToday. And it’s been very difficult because it’s like, “Well, no, we want this! And we want this! And we want this! And we want this, and we want this!”

And when the time came to try to develop this app, I said, “Look. First of all, it has to be really simple. It has to be so simple that people who are not electronic-savvy and all of that stuff, can easily operate this thing.”

Two, one of the problems that most people have is, “Well, what content are we going to put on there?” Well, we’ve got fifty years’ worth of content. Right? If you, if you watched it, it could go on for another fifty years. So, not a problem.

And we wanted to give you all different versions of it. So, there’s audio; there is video—and of course, I’ll go…I’ll go over the app. But I just want to talk about all the things here—radio, TV, print media, books, PEP, and PEAK—which, PEP stands for Peace Education Program; PEAK stands for Peace Education and Keys.

Now you might say, “Well, weren’t you going to eliminate PEP because PEAK was going to take over PEP?” I am ambitious, but I’m not stupid. PEP is so successful; I’m not going to futz with it. You know, PEP is so successful. I’m going to leave it alone. I’m going to bring out PEAK.

And PEAK version 1 hasn’t come out yet. It’s ready. It’s ready. It hasn’t come out yet. But PEAK 2 is already going to get, start filming—version 2. So, it’ll be the same stuff; it’ll just be presented differently, so that it can be on multimedia—so it can go on TV, so it can go on radio, so it can…so people can actually enjoy the process of learning about the self, about the possibility, preparing, just openly.

This is how we’re going to reach the world. This is how we’re going to reach the world. Keeping it a secret works only for those who are curious. Presenting the message works for 120 million? Plus? And this radio that you see is not only terrestrial radio, Internet radio, but then our own radio that will come out on TimelessToday.

But then, things that happen on other radio stations, things that happen on television.... One of the beautiful things is that, this app will bring it to you. It’ll bring it to you. You’ll be able to literally be sitting in your car, train, living room, in your kitchen—and be in touch with what is going on around the world. I mean, this is the power of this thing.

And so you’re, you’re never separated, never separated. Wherever I am, whatever is going on, you’re not separated.

So, Splitting the Arrow has been a huge success. There is another book, which is Pot with the Hole. And there is another book that’s being worked on, which is The Stonecutter. Besides that, there are other books that I am working on, the four books. And so that’s going to be very, very interesting, as all these forces build across the world.

And we have finally gotten very, very good experience with books. We had no experience—we’ve gotten very good experience with radio; we’ve gotten very good experience with television; we have gotten very good experience with PEP. But PEAK is not out yet. Live events, we are masters of, pretty much. At least we know how to screw them up.

- Prem Rawat

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