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Prem Rawat in Soweto, South Africa
2/12/2015 12:00:00 AM
Prem Rawat in Soweto, South Africa

Soweto, South Africa, continues to emerge from the social and political fall-out of apartheid. Sowetans still struggle with poverty and hope, but they have enduring resilience. There is vibrant life here and a deep sense of community. Many Sowetans have taken a lively interest in what Prem Rawat has to say.


It all began with Ernest Leketi, a youth development officer of Johannesburg, who proposed Prem’s Peace Education Program (PEP) to the city council. They saw the value of the program and endorsed it. From a nucleus of seven enthusiastic people, interest in peace education soon spread to 50 people. By the time of Prem’s first visit to Soweto on November 25, 2014, there was interest from 350. The exciting event, celebrated with music and dance, attracted media attention.


Prem met backstage with the seven PEP facilitators. Each of them expressed appreciation for the benefits they experienced listening to Prem’s talks. His interaction with them was galvanizing and inspired their commitment to continue moving his message forward.


In 2015, Prem accepted an invitation to speak to an audience of 1200 in Soweto. Urging them to keep advancing despite their challenges, he told them that whatever has been created by human beings can be changed. Prem talked about the powerful attributes within everyone and offered his unique perspective on how they work.


– Written by Francisca Matos

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