You and every person on the face of this earth already knows that when you are fulfilled, it is the best feeling!
Sep 21, 2018
What is infinite? That which was, is, and will be. And to feel that which is infinite inside of us is the most incredible fulfillment that there is.

Is there any question for what you’re made for?

In this body, in this shell—which, by the way, is made out of dirt—inside of it resides the infinite. What is infinite? Suffice to say, “That which was, is, and will be,” it’s is a pretty good definition. Suffice to say that it has the capability—something in you has the capability of making this dirt dance, talk, walk, and most importantly, want.

Want. This is the most unique combination. And when this process is taking place, it is called “life.” And so far this union is intact, you are alive. And so far you are alive, you can feel. What would you like to feel? Somebody said “bliss”; somebody said “love.”

You know, you can feel both—and much more than that. Not only feel bliss, but feel contentment! Not only feel contentment, but feel joy! Not only feel joy, feel happiness! And many, many more like that, if you could only feel that infinite inside of you.

You and every person on the face of this earth already knows that when you are fulfilled, it is the best feeling! Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that when I am fulfilled, it feels the best. This is when I am the happiest.

The issue isn’t fulfillment. Issue is, “How do you get it?” And this is where speculation starts to come in. Nobody can tell you, “You are now fulfilled.”

So, people try to figure out, “How can I be fulfilled?” People say, “Read this book and you will be fulfilled. Follow this path and you will be fulfilled. Go to this holy place and you will be fulfilled. Go to the Himalayas and you will be fulfilled. Renounce everything; you will be fulfilled.”

That’s one part. The other one is, “More money you have, the more fulfilled you will be. If you have a good job, then more fulfilled you will be.” The trouble is, those two camps, trains of thought, neither has been able to actually prove their point.

But what about you? The good news is that, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, this is not speculation! This is possible. It is very, very, very, very, very, very possible.”

My objective is to be in peace, and I love when I can bring others to that peace as well. I know where the water is, and I bring the thirsty to the water.

Let me once again put you in touch with the vision of life. You had this vision, each one of you. You understood what simplicity was, each one of you. And today, once again, be in touch with that simplicity.

That is the most incredible fulfillment that there is.


- Prem Rawat

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