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The Ultimate Culprit

A simple thing called “not listening”—that is the culprit in the world, in my opinion.
12/3/2015 12:00:00 AM
All over the world, fights break out for a simple reason. We’re not listening to each other. There’s so much noise going on, but we still have to choose what to hear.

The very things that break down the structure of a family, a simple thing called “not listening”—that is the culprit in the whole world, in my opinion. The government doesn’t listen to the people; the people don’t listen to the government. Wife doesn’t listen to the husband; husband doesn’t listen to the wife. Children don’t listen to the parents; parents don’t listen to the children.

No listening. Why? Because there’s so much noise already going on, of everything that’s wrong. It is the Tom Thumb syndrome. We have become so small, and everything has become so big—that you no longer understand.

You don’t understand who you are; you don’t understand why you’re here; you don’t understand what your potential is; you don’t understand what the breath means; you don’t understand what your choices are. You have a choice. You can choose.

– Prem Rawat

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