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A Disciple of Experience

How many times have you said, “I love you,” but didn’t feel it?
12/3/2015 12:00:00 AM
There are certain phrases that we say all the time, like “Good morning.” But if we say these things ritually and don’t mean it, we’re missing out on the grand experience of it!

How many of you have heard of Leonardo da Vinci? Mona Lisa—he painted that. A man who asked questions, not very well educated, but very well-learned. Big difference—there are people who are very well-educated, but they’re not very well-learned. And there are people who are not that well-educated, but very well-learned—they go far. And he was very well-learned.

He asked the questions. “Why is the water the way it is? Why do the mountains at a distance seem bluish and hazy all the time?” He also painted The Last Supper.

One of the notes that he wrote down—this is how he signed the bottom of the page: “Leonardo da Vinci, the disciple of experience.”

You see, when I heard that I just froze. “Oh, disciple of so-and-so. Disciple of that guru; disciple of that that thing, or disciple of that thing....” And here he writes—a brilliant man writes, “disciple of experience.”

So I ask you, “Are you the disciple of experience?” How many times have you said, “I love you,” but didn’t feel it? And how many times have you heard, “I love you,” but didn’t feel it? Never? Never!?

“Good morning.” Love is a little complicated; you may be sitting next to your husband, and I perfectly understand, you cannot take that chance. “Good morning”—so I’ll make it easier, “Good morning.” And you said it ritually, and you didn’t mean it; you didn’t experience it.

Disciple of experience. Uttered the word, “God,” but didn’t feel God. Disciple of experience. “Thank you”—uttered the word “thank you,” but didn’t feel gratitude. Disciple of experience.

Are you the disciple of experience in your life? Do you welcome each day like you should, like the day deserves—not because of your piddly problems, but because of this grand opportunity you have to be alive on the face of this earth?

– Prem Rawat

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