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Know For Yourself

Time has come for us to understand ourselves. To understand the Divine within us.
4/5/2013 11:00:00 AM
Long ago, Socrates said "Know Thyself". What do you believe about yourself and what do you truly know? This is a short excerpt from Prem Rawat’s address in Salvador, Brazil.

The time has come for us to understand ourselves! As Socrates said, “Know thyself” a long time ago—and we still haven’t done it. The time has come to do that. The time has come to understand the Divine within us.

You are the container of divinity. You are so fortunate. You are so incredibly fortunate. Now, know it. Not believe it; know it. Know what I know, and then you will know what I am talking about.

I really, really wish you didn’t believe a word! Instead you went, “I’ve got to know!” And if you became like that in your life—“I’ve got to know!”—you will be so filled with peace, you won’t believe how much peace there will be in your life. And I use the world “believe,” but you don’t have to believe me. Know it for yourself.

 – Prem Rawat

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