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REPLAY of Prem Rawat's LIVE New Year's Day

What is this thing called the existence? Understand it to be able to bring peace in our lives.
1/1/2018 10:00:00 AM
The TimelessToday App team is acutely aware of the frustration people felt in trying to access the New Year’s Day LiveStreams. The team has spent many hours diagnosing the issues and are now repairing, upgrading, and addressing the breakdown by: Improving the way the app loads to handle the large number of users that connect to LiveStreams at the same time. Making the background infrastructure scale automatically and smoothly to handle high capacity loads. The groundswell of positive support from you — for the app and more precisely its content — has been an inspiration to the whole team. So many of you have expressed your support, appreciation, and good wishes for its success. We thank you for your patience and appreciate your feedback and insight. We are committed to making this app something that’s a joy to us.

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