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The Living Legacy

Make the most of being alive. Enjoy the self.
12/20/2017 12:00:00 AM
The message is about peace; peace is inside of you. There is an incredible amount of receptivity for this message, and people are feeling excited about just having somebody talk about life, talk about being alive. - Prem Rawat

Onscreen text:

"It’s all about hope. You’ve got to have hope."

-Peace Education Program Participant

New Directions for Veterans, Los Angeles

Prem Rawat: [voiceover]

Life is a beautiful thing. This is what we have. This is the limited thing that we have. It’s about you being alive at this moment in time, on this planet Earth.

Onscreen text:

"Make the most of being alive—enjoy the self."

-Peace Education Program Participant

Twin Towers Jail, Los Angeles

Prem Rawat: [voiceover]

And what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Because that is going to be determined with what you feel in yourself. If you feel good being alive, if you feel good to be here, then what you’re going to leave behind for other people is something that is beautiful!

Onscreen text:

"From now on I will seek my peace. After all, if we plant good things, we will reap good things."

-Peace Education Program Participant

Pinheiros Prison, São Paulo, Brazil

Prem Rawat: [voiceover]

This is the message that I am trying to deliver to the world today, that I have been doing for fifty-one-plus years now—and this year I’m going to be turning sixty. Maybe my body is aging, but my heart isn’t; my mind isn’t. And I want to take this message to as many people as possible.

Why? Because the joy that it brings them, the excitement that it brings them—just how they feel after they go, “Wow, somebody told me how it really is, not all these ideas, but how it really is—that, yes, my time on this earth is precious. That I’m alive, and that’s a blessing! And I need to accept that. And I need to understand what it means to live in peace."

Onscreen text:

"Peace gives me hope. Peace gives me love. Peace gives me a strength I’ve never known."

-Peace Education Program Participant

Twin Towers Jail, Los Angeles

Onscreen text:

Prem Rawat: [voiceover]

Because when somebody feels good inside of them, not only it ripples out to themselves, but to all the people around them, to the family, to the friends, to the colleagues—and this is what’s important.

Onscreen text:

"Mr. Rawat, your teachings have taught me to appreciate every day and to be thankful for what I have. In here, that means a lot. Thank you."

-Peace Education Program Participant

Valley State Prison, Chowchilla, California

Prem Rawat: [voiceover]

This is my effort, taking the message to people to make a change, to make a difference.

Onscreen text:

"I’m proud to say today I have my happy back, and the smile on my face  is genuine and real!"

-Peace Education Program Participant

Twin Towers Jail, Los Angeles

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