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Magnificent Creation

When you get to know yourself, you too can become that creature of magnificence. And surely the Divine would smile and say, “This succeeded.”
Sep 13, 2017
Prem’s four international birthday celebrations for the year was kicked off in September at Ivory’s Rock Conference Center near Brisbane, Australia (Amaroo). Over 4000 guests from all over the world attended this 5-day convention. Here’s Prem’s 2nd address on Day 3.

I am about to say something. This is unrelated, so all the Indians, please take a very deep breath—only Indians, only Indians. I’m about to tell you something. If you’re Sri Lankan, don’t worry. Just Indians, take a deep breath, sit up, be focused. I’m about to tell you something.

Samosa is not Indian. Are you okay with that? Samosa is Persian. It was developed in Persia, in the courts. When people would come to settle their disputes, they would be just waiting all day long to see the king, or whoever, and people would be hungry, so somebody came up with the idea of taking a little bit of pastry, putting meat inside of it, closing it up, and frying it so it could last a little while. There was no refrigeration then, by the way.

So, that’s how samosa came to be. It came from Persia to India—and of course, Indians made it their own. “Ours!”

Well, Indians may not have a lot of things, but they have a big heart.

I mean, Indians, they have seen it all. I mean, just.... And they keep seeing it all. And they keep asking, “Why us?” You know, and it’s like, “Well, but we’ve seen this before. Give it to somebody else.” You know?

So, whatever this is—a lack of collaboration—it would be really nice if people just learned how to get together; how to just be. I mean, and yeah, politicians are making big deal out of, “Oh, the Hindus, the Moslems, the this and that.”

In India? Moslems just built a temple. Not too long ago, there was a temple that was damaged, so the Moslems came and took the responsibility for building the temple. So then, there was a mosque that, that was demolished—not by anybody; just naturally—so Hindus came and built them a mosque. And they take care of it.

There is one village, and there, all the Hindus take care of the mosques, paint them, keep them shiny, keep them clean—and the Moslems take care of the temples. They go in there, white-wash, keep everything nice and tidy. There is one of the oldest synagogues, oldest synagogues in South of India, and it’s a Moslem guy ‘takes care of the synagogue.

Yes, when you hear this, there is a possibility. Peace is possible! These people may not have Knowledge, but they have knowledge. And they have knowledge of how to be a human! And that’s all, sometimes, you need—how to be a human.

A human is not a nasty thing. A human can be a very beautiful thing, caring, sharing, understanding. It is from the humans that ideas such as, “Don’t offend anyone. And if somebody offends you or tries to offend you, don’t be offended. And if you are offended, do not take revenge.” This is an idea that comes from human beings.

There was no slab that was carved with these words and thrown out into the earth somewhere. No, this comes from the human beings. These beautiful ideas that, “Yes, this is a temple. I am a Moslem. But let me do this for my brother, people of my village.” And the Hindus reciprocating, same way. And nobody dare defile—because of this, nobody dare defile the mosque or the temple.

I am sure that whoever that God is that these people believe in, those Hindus that take care of the mosque and those Moslems who take care of the temple, and that Moslem who takes care of the synagogue—I am sure that, whoever that God is that they believe in, surely looks down upon them and smiles with great joy and pride for having created creatures, beings of such magnificence.

And, that’s who you are too. When you get to know yourself, you too can become that being, that creature of magnificence. And surely the Divine, however it smiles, would smile and say, “This succeeded. This is a success.”

As amongst all things in this magnificent creation—I mean, I’m sure one of them would be a coconut. Journeyed everywhere; been everywhere; planted itself everywhere—and giver of incredible life, not only to itself, but to all those who come to it.

Not about this wall, or this wall. It’s that space, bound by time, between the two walls, that you are about. In this, you must completely rise to that glory of that standard, of that beauty that you truly are, to fulfill all that, that somehow—maybe “aspired” is the wrong word to use—but gave themselves so you could be.

That, their little gifts are not wasted; when we fight, their gifts are wasted. When we become greedy, their gifts are wasted. But when the human being becomes truly human, with the courage, with the clarity, with the understanding, then those gifts are well received. Then the gifts are well taken, and that cycle of giving and taking is completed in the most magnificent, beautiful way.

- Prem Rawat

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