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Nothing Trivial - Video

Dirt is the most significant thing there is!
9/21/2017 12:00:00 AM

Who are we? Maybe I should talk about that. So, don’t think this is un-significant. We’re dirt. Why do you laugh? Because you don’t understand the value of dirt. Dirt is the most significant thing there is. Do you know? You know why?! Because the entire universe is made out of it.

We all are considered patriots if we sing praises of our countries. “Know the anthem.” I mean, in India they’re going through it; it’s like you know “You have to be able to say this; yes, you have to say this; you have to be patriotic! You have to…”

Courtesy of? All these countries, courtesy of? Dirt. You can’t have a country in floating ocean. All courtesy of dirt! So dirt is very significant! People have died protecting dirt! People have become heroes protecting dirt.

Civilizations were raised and razed—that’s a good one, huh?—raised and razed because of dirt!

And when the sun is finished glowing, what does it become? Dirt. What is gold? Compressed dirt. See, you’re catching on, how important dirt is. And guess what moi is made out of. Dirt.

And then, the most incredible pillar of this temple when it falls apart, what will all this become? It will become dirt.

So don’t laugh the next time you hear the word “dirt”—smile. Smile, because there’s nothing funny about it, but now you you know how important this dirt is. And so, you are made out of the same stuff as the universe. “Wow! That’s impressive. I mean...”

Next time, “What is your lineage?” Same stuff the sun is made out of, same stuff the moon is made out of, same stuff the galaxies are made out of, same stuff the universe is made of—that’s my lineage. That is your lineage.
So now that we’ve put that aside, who you are—pretty impressive stuff. Nothing trivial, incredible, incredible to get the dirt to talk, to walk, to smile, to think, to see, to have the nuances of expression on the face from slightly upset to slightly more upset.

Then, made out of that, and then to have this incredible thing called life.Life. You can love; you can hate, you can have fear; you can have joy. This...and just machine puts it all out. I mean, it puts it all out. If it’s feeling good, it’s like, “Good. Yes.”

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