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The Season of Peace 00:58:22 The Season of Peace Video Duration : 00:58:22 Your true nature is not anger; your true nature is not fear. Your true nature is...

An excerpt:

People say, “There’s so much greed in this world.” Yes, there is! But why is there greed? Why is there greed? You think human beings are only capable of greed? No, human beings are also capable of generosity.

I just want the wind to blow so you can fly the kite. I want the river to run. I want the well to be full of water, so you can be in the glory of a human being—the glory of a human being. The flower that blooms, blooms! Petals open, colors vibrant, beauty unmatched, fragrance, hypnotizing. Bloom! That’s what needs to happen!

Know! Know that the peace dwells in your heart, not because I said it, but because you felt it. That’s knowing. Know that that Divine dwells in your heart, not because I said it—because you felt it, not one day, not two days, not three days, but all your life. This is the realm. There is no time—there is no “young”; there is no “old.” It is the same for everyone.

When spring comes, it comes the same for everyone—like a baby, a hundred-year-old, a fifty-year-old, forty, thirty, twenty. It comes for everyone in the same way. When the summer comes, it is the same way. When it is fall, it is the same way. When it is the winter, it is the same way.

Let the season of peace come in your life. The time has come. The time has come; let the season of peace come in your life.

- Prem Rawat

You Too Have a Gift 00:10:31 You Too Have a Gift Audio Duration : 00:10:31 "Your existence here is the union of the divine, and it's the only place, only t...

Prem Rawat:

You know, everybody has their talents. To me, this is my observation. Everybody's gifted. Everybody is gifted. Not one single person on the face of this earth who is not gifted. Somebody can sing. Somebody can make a pancake like you wouldn't believe. That's a gift. Believe me, that's a gift. Maybe you can make somebody smile. That's a gift.

Maybe you are a wonderful companion. That's a gift. Maybe you're a wonderful friend. That's a gift. And so to me, every person has a gift. And I have a gift. I can open my mouth and touch the hearts, and so that's what I want to do.

Have you ever seen water flow? Especially in a dry creek or something like that, when the water starts to come, it just seeks out wherever it can flow. It's just, that's what it's interested in. And it'll go one way, and if that's not happening, it'll just turn and it'll go the other way and it'll go the other way. It'll go the other way. Go, go, go, go till it's got the flow.

And it's the same way. When your understanding is clear, people begin to despair, but they despair because their vision is not clear. They're not looking at it. People come to me and they bring problems. That's like one of the things that happens literally every day. And I have to look at that and go, that's not a problem. That is not a problem. And how can it be taken off?

I have my famous saying, which is you can get on top of Himalayas, take a little hammer, just a little hammer, go the very peak, and just go “tukk.” Well, you just have shortened Mount Everest. It's technically true, you know.

And you don't, I mean, you don't even have to know how to climb. You can get one of these super performing helicopters and dangle a big metal ball underneath it, and just go and just hit it. And you have begun the processes. Sometimes we see how small we are, but we don't see our capacity.

Look at an ant. Look at a butterfly. Monarch butterflies can make the journey nonstop from Florida to England. I mean, talk about capability. I mean, you know, here are pilots and they've got their GPS and their got their navigation system and they got their super jets and they get lost and here comes a little butterfly. Zhuuu... England! Hello!

I mean, absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing. You look at the ants and especially where they, you know, there's bricks or tile work and it's just filled with sand. I mean, what did it take man to get that done? Oh, it took a truck to bring the sand sand that had to be packaged and all of this stuff and then got there and a trowel and put it in and smooth it out and a broom to then clean it out and, and here come the ants and thukk, thukk, thukk... dig it all up. Because it's not about small; it's not about big; it's not about underachieving.

It's not about overachieving because you also have to know that's not happening. So you know, really don't make the excuses of underachiever and this and that. and… You see desperation. I see hope. No. What I see, you can see too; what I feel, you can feel too; what I understand, you can understand too. And I see people coming and you can just see that, okay, you're not gonna see them next time. But if there is a fullness, then the attention doesn't go there. The attention isn't on the emptiness. The attention is on the fullness, and if it is filled with that clarity, with that divinity, with that beauty, with that simplicity, what else is there? Because that is the presence of Divine. That is the present.

Clarity is the presence of the Divine. Peace is the presence of Divine. The joy is the presence of the Divine. You know, this is nothing but this sheet that you have cloaked on. There is something that is immortal. This is the union. Your existence here is the union of the Divine, and I've said this many times, and it's the only place, only time that it happens, that the infinite and the finite have foregone the rules and the two have come together. The basics of all rules have been broken. That's your existence and always it would be. And so it is that Divine will encompass everything. But so far you exist, that rule has been foregone and the finite will encompass the infinite. So you breathe, so you talk. So you think, so you can feel.

But this union, by no stretch of the imagination, is permanent. This is a coming together of all these different elements that have come together. What are you? 70% water. 70% water. A little of this gas, little of that gas, a little of this dirt, little of that dirt. It has all come together. Do you know that one of the biggest part of you, your being, is gas—oxygen, hydrogen?

These are the elements. And then, it's like coming together of these elements from this earth. This is physics that I'm talking about that has made you. And you're alive; you can think; you can dance; you can talk; you can do so many things. But it's all borrowed. Oxygen wants to go back to being oxygen. Truly is a Cinderella story. Truly is the Cinderella story. Midnight will strike and when it does, no more a chariot, but a pumpkin.

So, you're very fortunate, very fortunate. Everybody is fortunate because that union is happening. But you are fortunate that you can recognize that yet gift.

So, recognize that union in your life. Be fulfilled. Be in that place and enjoy it.

Well Designed 00:25:26 Well Designed Video Duration : 00:25:26 There is a feeling already within you that is yours to enjoy—truly, a flawless d...

-An excerpt-

What keeps that moon up where it is? Perfect distance. Perfect alignments. It’s making sure perfectly that that breath is coming into you. And this is what I mean. Prepare, prepare for today. Prepare to be astonished. Prepare to be fulfilled.

These are your real aspirations. This is my message: wake up! Prepare. Don’t be distracted. Don’t be distracted. Know that fundamental thirst that you have inside; don’t be afraid of it. If you want to be content, that’s no mistake. No mistake.

What does it take? What does it take? You know, for a lot of you it’s like, “Well, how do you do this? How, how, how?” To me ‘how’ is not an issue. I know how to do it. It is coming to that conclusion. That’s the issue. Coming to that conclusion that, yes, what is important in my life is that I want to be fulfilled, that I want to listen to my thirst, that I want to understand my thirst, that I want to fulfill my life.

This is what has to happen every day—that you have to prepare. Prepare today to welcome this life. Do you know how to welcome...have you ever welcomed this life? Have you? Because you have to. You should. With this life, you are everything; without this life, you’re worthless. They’re not even going to want you in your own house. And you would have lived an existence in which you had the possibility to know, to feel, to understand the Divine that is within inside of you right now. This is what this life is, isn’t it? This is that little bridge where the infinite and the finite—finite is this; infinite is within you—have come as close as humanly possible. And that’s it.

This is your chance to have a realization of realization, to have a feeling of feelings, to have an understanding of understandings, to have a clarity of clarities. This is as close as it gets.

- Prem Rawat

Peacemakers 2 00:44:29 Peacemakers 2 Video Duration : 00:44:29 A human being is not just the sum of what you see with your eyes. A human being ...

Urban poet, spoken word recording artist, comedian, and broadcaster Mr. Gee interviews international ambassador of peace Prem Rawat in this full-length interview - Peacemakers.

Appreciation 00:03:58 Appreciation Video Duration : 00:03:58 What is it that we as human beings do really, really well?

What is it that you do that is so unique?
What is it that we as human beings do really, really well?

The amazing thing is that we actually don’t think like that. We don’t actually think, “What is my strength? What am I really good at? “And I am not just talking about human beings as a species, but every individual turning to themselves and saying. “What am I really good at?” What is it that you do that is truly unique? Do you know? And one of the things that you are quite capable of doing - and you do it well - is appreciation.

To appreciate. Now, here is this incredible thing called appreciation and most people are not familiar with it. What is it really mean to appreciate it? If we are lost. somebody shows us = “Oh. just go up and turn left and 20 feet that’s the place you want to go.” And we go on. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. We go to a restaurant and the waiter serves us nicely.

To express our gratitude, we leave him a tip. But this power of this appreciation when it is turned toward this existence, for this life, not the things you have in this life but the life itself: the coming and going of this breath; that I am alive; I exist; that I have the capacity to feel; that I have the capacity to understand; that I have the capacity to feel happiness in my life; that I have the capacity to be satisfied in my life; that I have the capacity to understand in my life; that I have the capacity to have the answers in my life.

Then, the appreciation that comes for this life is unique. And this, in my opinion, you, me, all of us do very, very well. Our ability to appreciate is so incredible that it doesn’t need to evolve. It’s there and it’s beautiful.

Simplicity 00:23:00 Simplicity Video Duration : 00:23:00 Add simplicity to love and the love becomes pure

It doesn't mean anything to us, but add simplicity to love and the love becomes pure. Love. Simplicity. You have something you can feel. You have something you can enjoy. You have something that touches your heart. No concepts. No ideas.

Simplicity—the only thing that remains is you, feeling that feeling inside. It becomes the endless moment, and that's all there is. You have to be in touch with that beauty that is inside of you, and then and only then will this life be a dance. Add ‘simple’ to life, and everything becomes uncomplicated. 

Because, once ‘simple’ has been added to life, there is nothing you have to do; you just have to be. What else can you add simple to?

You understand it; then, what would happen? Then you will understand the most important, and the most important is the one that resides inside of you.

We have a life, and the life we have made incredibly complicated—amazingly complicated. We have time, but it is in relation to other people; it is in relation to other things. When is this gonna happen? When is this gonna happen? When is this gonna happen? When the time should be relative to you, 'cause it's your life, it's your existence.

Things have become so complicated that everybody in this world is trying to seek a solution to the problems that they have. Everyone. Everyone. I have this problem, I have this problem, I have this problem, I have this problem, and when you're enjoying yourself, you don't say, oh, I'm enjoying myself. Maybe you don't even know the word enjoyment; doesn't matter. Maybe you don't think of enjoyment. It doesn't matter.

Afterwards, everything else comes, afterwards. Oh, that was very nice. Oh, that was fun. Let's do that again. But this is what it means to be present; that everything else, all the ideas, all the concepts—disappear.

So what else can we add simple to? Now, there's a lot of things we can add simple to. Add simple to life, and everything becomes uncomplicated. Because once the simple has been added to life, there is nothing you have to do. You just have to be.

Be alive, be in that moment, be in that breath. This is the miracle that is taking place in your life. That's all that matters. That's all that matters. No more tomorrow, no more yesterday, no chains, no concepts, no ideas. The simple in this life.

What is the reason why you have the problems? And the reason, why you have the problems, is because, a long time ago you let this little bird call ‘Simplicity’ slip from your hands and fly away. And when she did, your life became incredibly complicated. And ever since, your life has been complicated. You have been trying to figure out ways to make it simple again. But without that bird called ‘Simplicity’ in your hands, this life will not become simple. Things will become more complicated and more complicated and more complicated and more complicated and more complicated, and even more complicated. And then, you will take a look at your life at some point in time, and you will say, what happened? What happened? I came, I was. What happened? What happened?

You will try to reason; you will try to search. You will try to know what happened. And everybody in this world is busy trying to know what happened. What happened? What happened? What happened? What happened? Why did it happen?

You will not find any answers in the ‘why.’ You will find the answer within you. What is that answer? And that answer is as simple as, “Where did the simplicity in my life go?” It's all that matters.



Through all the things that take place in one's life, there is a desire that's so basic, as basic as the need for a child to walk. You've seen a small baby and the baby wants to walk. So, the mother can try to explain, but the baby doesn't really know the language. He sees himself trying, making that effort. He sees others walking; this is what he wants to do, this is what she wants to do. And gets up. Tries. Falls. Gets up. And keeps doing, keeps doing, keeps doing, keeps doing. This urge is there, this want, this wish is there. 

It's the same way, that this wish is there to be fulfilled. In all things that we do to be content, to feel full, not empty—full. To walk in this world with understanding. Not living every day with just questions and no answers. When times are bad, we say “My fate, my destiny, it is terrible. Look what's happening to me. I am not successful. Why is that person successful? Why is that person successful? Why is that person successful? Look at me; I am not successful. Look at me; I am so poor.” Or “Look at me, ah my - you know, fate is so bad.”

Isn't that what we do? When the truth is, that you are blessed beyond belief. But you're not seeing your blessing. The truth is, you have everything, but you're not using eyes to see that which is real. You're not seeing. You're living your life like this. You've got your eyes closed, and you are going “OK, OK, I see this…oh OK, it's here. Oh, yeah, OK, OK.” But open your eyes and see perfection. Open your heart and feel the heaven, the heaven. Open yourself to understanding—yourself.

I'm not talking about other people; I'm talking about you. You understand yourself; who you are, what you have been blessed with. What lies in you? The power of understanding. To have in this life, not fear, not confusion, but gratitude. To have in this life, not questions, but answers. To have in this life, not the ugliness, but the beauty. To have in this life, not the complicated, but the simplicity. To have in this life, not the barren desert, but the green field that yields the crop, the crops of contentment every single day.

When you understand what I'm saying, you will understand what peace is, and when you understand what peace is, you will understand, it is not far from you.


A simple Reality

You have a yearning. A yearning to be fulfilled—and that yearning will not go away till you are. No matter how many distractions you place in front of you, you will not be able to forget that inner thirst that surfaces again and again and again and again.

How strong is the want of that one drop to meet back with the ocean? How strong? How strong? That little drop really just became steam, floated up, condensed, became a cloud. Traversed thousands and thousands and thousands of thousands of miles. Fell, and some of it fell in places where it froze. Ah, froze. Now it's trapped. Right? Or is it? Nope.

Like a glacier, have you seen glacier? Have you heard of a glacier? It moves like a river, very slowly, but it moves. And all those drops that are caught in the glacier; even though they're frozen, they're moving. And where are they going? To meet, once again, from that source that is the ocean.

When you begin to address that want, that dynamic of that drop that wants to join the ocean, and nothing will hold it back, then you begin to understand what peace is all about. That you, too, are a part of that, that is everywhere. And to join it, to want it, to be with it.

The desire is so prevalent; that when that process is not happening, that is what creates the deficit, the lack of peace. That's what creates the lack of peace. And when that process is happening, then peace is there.

Peace doesn't need to be manufactured. Peace doesn't need to be created. Peace doesn't need to be transported. Peace doesn't have to come from anywhere else. Every single human being on the face of this Earth has peace.

We will yearn for peace, but we will not know it. Ignorance will cast its dark shadows upon the hearts of people, upon the intellects of people. Then the message of hope, like a lit lamp to remove that darkness, to lift the influence of ignorance, so everyone on the face of this Earth can feel peace and contentment.

It is one of the most beautiful gifts that peace brings - is joy. And it’s joy that fills every part of a human being. Becomes complete; it becomes real. Life becomes real; instead of expectations, instead of dreams, it becomes real.  

Every day it's not a challenge. The challenge begins; can I accept every single day in its entirety? Not 5%, not 2%—all of it. Then I awaken. I awaken. To awaken to a reality that is beautiful. That is simple. That is real. That's what the message of peace is all about. That's what Peace is all about. That's what reality is all about. You can know it. You can know it. Everyone on the face of this Earth can feel peace. That is the most beautiful gift peace brings—this joy. Joy fills every heart of a human being. Becomes complete, becomes real. Life becomes real.

Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity

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