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Staying Focused 01:02:06 Staying Focused Video Duration : 01:02:06 What is the formula to be rich in the world? It’s very easy. Don’t spend what yo...

"What is the formula to be rich inside? Don’t spend what you don’t have. This time that you think you have?—you don’t. Don't spend it. Every moment, stay focused—that you can." —Prem Rawat, Johannesburg


The Fundamentals of Peace 00:21:53 The Fundamentals of Peace Video Duration : 00:21:53

An excerpt:


You say that peace is not the absence of war. At times you have delivered your message in areas near places at war. How do you sustain that strength and integrity in such an environment?


I think the message delivers itself because when you really think about this, what people want is prosperity. And what I have seen in my life, that all of us just want some elbow room. To believe in our God the way we want to, to prosper, to grow, to have a better life, and these things are not against peace. And so when this message comes out, even though it may be surrounded by war it still reaches a place inside human beings where they don’t want that war. Even in the middle of the war, there are people who don’t want it. Even in the darkness there is a candle, and the candle is lit.

Come Home 00:52:19 Come Home Video Duration : 00:52:19 Prem Rawat in Barcelona, Spain

An excerpt:

You have heard this statement, “Welcome home.” You don’t know what it means. You have no idea what “Welcome home” means. But I know something that does. And it’s that drop.

In its separation, it’ll do so much, for so many! And in its journey, it will transform, and it’ll transform, and somewhere it will fall. And it’ll give birth to a seed. Because that’s what the seed was waiting for.

Somewhere, it will fall. And it will become a snowflake and be trapped like a glacier. And even though it’s trapped, its desire to march towards the ocean is unabated. And glacier, even though it looks solid, it moves.

And you see the glaciers—just, the big sheets, big pieces just fall off that glacier, and bob into the ocean. And just a few hours later, there’s no trace of the snow or the ice. Once again, the drop has come home. It’s come home. The rain will come, fall on the ocean. And it’ll make the most magnificent of a shape, and dive right back. “Welcome home.” That’s it.

If you’re a drop, you need to come home. Somewhere in that journey of that drop, it will become the juice inside a mango. But its desire, its want to meet with the ocean still remains unabated.

That water, that drop knows the trick of purity. Purity. It knows ... the ultimate trick of abandoning all that, shedding everything else away, and being pure. And then, there is the grand river that flows, and nothing, nothing but those drops. And then when they meet the ocean, “Ah-hoo!”—content to merge again.

You need to do this. I’m not talking about death—don’t go there. I’m talking about the drop coming home while it’s still alive—while it is still alive. While it is still alive.

Come home. Come home. Come home ... to the joy that’s your home. Come home to that clarity; that’s your home. Come home to peace. That is your home. Come home. Don’t forget your passion. What is your passion? As a drop, your passion is to merge with that ocean again. That’s your passion!

2014 Highlights Part 3 01:00:32 2014 Highlights Part 3 Video Duration : 01:00:32 Life demands peace
2014 Highlights Part 2 00:55:39 2014 Highlights Part 2 Video Duration : 00:55:39 A human being is truly a human being when one's heart is filled with joy
Choice 00:03:45 Choice Video Duration : 00:03:45 You have to make a choice. If you want that change, you have to make that choice...

You have to choose. And do you know that at every intersection of my life I had a choice? This is hindsight; it's 20-20. Believe me, I can't explain it. This feeling came over me that every intersection, every inch, every mile that I have traveled on this road of life, I had a choice.

Onscreen text:


Prem Rawat:

Yes, things came my way, but I had a choice. I accepted them. Good things, bad things came and I chose even those things that brought the consequence that was. And of course I can plead ignorance; I didn't know. But I chose. Should I have chosen without knowing? No.Hindsight's 20-20. But I chose.

Those of you who want that peace inside, you have to make that choice. In your life, doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result is not going to work. And people who do, little rocky to say the least.

In the same grind, hoping that one day everything will change. How? You have to make a choice. If you want that change, you have to make that choice. Do you want peace in your life? You have to make a choice. People will say to me, "Is it that easy? No searching, no going to the top of the Himalayas, no surrendering everything, burying your head in the snow for eight years? I mean, none of that stuff? Just have to make a choice?" Of course.

You have looked outside; maybe it is time to look inside. You have believed in many things; maybe the time has come to know. You have made many excuses; maybe the time has come to make the choice. Make a choice. Most importantly, make the connection.

It is not about lamenting the past. I made the wrong choices or the right choices. It is—wow, I get to choose? Tomorrow I get to choose? Yeah! And the day after that you get to choose. You want to be happy or you want to be sad? You want to be fulfilled or you want to be empty? Choose.

- Prem Rawat

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