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Find Your Life 01:05:39 Find Your Life Video Duration : 01:05:39

An excerpt:

So, what has all this got to do with peace? Bear with me. I’m trying to do my best. See, I don’t—I am not here to convince you that there should be peace; this you already know. (Of course there should be peace.) I’m not trying—I don’t have to try to convince you that you want peace; of course you know you want peace.

But the issue is—so, is peace simple? And the answer to that is, yes! Of course it’s simple. So if it is that simple, then how come—it’s not there? When everybody wants it—and it is simple, and everybody has access to it, then how come it’s not there?

That’s what I’m trying to get to. Because we’re busy solving problems. And we’re so busy solving problems that we are even trying to solve the problem of not having peace! Even that has become a problem; but is it a problem? It’s not a problem. That’s the problem. And it cannot be solved!

Because, what is the law of finding? What is the law of finding something? If you lost a pearl, where will you find it? (I know you’re thinking, “Aie-yaie-yaie.” It’s not a quiz; it’s okay. So, no marks involved here, or yeah....)

Answer is simple. “You will find it when you look where it is.”



- Prem Rawat

The Answer is In You 00:51:59 The Answer is In You Video Duration : 00:51:59 Peace is within you right now—and when you know what it really is, there is no m...

An Excerpt -


Question from a student:

Could you just define peace? What is peace? Could you give a simple definition of peace, so that we know what peace actually is?


Certainly. I’d love to.

Can you define mango? Mango. What is mango?


It’s kind of fruit, and it has liquid in it, and…It has a lot of sugar in it. And it tastes good.


Ok, I can define…if that’s your definition of mango, then I can define peace very easily. It’s very nice. It feels really good. You see, there are some things that need to be felt, need to be understood what they are, by you, by me—not just talking about it.

The problem right now also is people are talking about peace, but not feeling it. You can go anywhere in the world— Peace? Peace, peace, peace (gestures the peace symbol with 2 fingers). The upside-down Mercedes sign, you know Peace, peace peace.

Oh my God, there are people who every morning they start off… “and peace.” And they end with “peace”. Peace… peace. But that’s not going to make peace. There are fundamental things that need to be in place. And one of them is a simple understanding of your own self.

If you do not recognize the thirst for peace in you, a hundred definitions, what difference does it make? How many restaurants can you pass by when you’re not hungry? They don’t mean a thing! When you’re hungry, “Ah, let's pull over there. Lets’ pull over there.” Even the smell of food sounds good. And you know, they do that on purpose. They take that and disperse it so that you could smell it and if you’re hungry, it’s like, “Yes! I need that.”

I am a realist about peace. I’m a realist. I’m not here to just throw another definition. “Peace is a state when you become a vegetable.” This is what most people define it as. “You have no more desires, you sit on top of a mountain with your eyes closed.” And a lot of people think you’re a vegetable at that point.

No. Know. Peace is within you. Right now, right now, right now peace is within you. Did you know that? Right now it’s within you. Right now it’s within you. So you tell me what the definition of peace is. It’s within you right now. All of you. All of you have peace in you.

So why don’t you define it for me? Feel it and you will realize that there are no words adequate for that description. Peace is when this heart is filled with the gratitude for what you have been given, without wanting more. Gratitude. Peace is about being in the presence of life. Peace is: understand simplicity in the simplest most profoundly possible way. Peace is when you understand the value of this blessing called the breath that you have been given. Peace is when there is a profound thirst and an understanding of how to quench it. Peace is to admire that one beautiful lifetime every single day. Peace is to be the most human that you can be. Peace is to feel the joy of being alive.

So I haven’t defined it, but I’ve told you what I feel peace is. It’s a smile, it’s a tear, it’s a feeling. And when you know it, there is no mistaking it—none whatsoever.

- Prem Rawat


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Prem Rawat in Sebokeng 00:31:48 Prem Rawat in Sebokeng Video Duration : 00:31:48 Bad action will not only hurt people around you but also hurt you.

About 46 miles south of Johannesburg, South Africa, is the township of Sebokeng, where Prem Rawat addressed an audience on December 9, 2016. Sebokeng continues to deal with the poverty and racial tension that persist in the prolonged aftermath of Apartheid. As news reports that gang violence is escalating and spreading, there is another story to be told. People in Sebokeng who are passionate about peace are on the rise, listening to the message of Prem Rawat. In the video of this event, he tells them, “You have to feel peace. Not think about peace. Because peace is not about thinking—peace is about seeing, knowing, feeling!” For a man struggling with his identity, who calls himself “the Prince of Suffering,” Prem demonstrates that only a lit candle can light unlit candles, and encourages him to discover the power of being a lit candle.

Written by Francisca Matos

The Story of a Human Being 01:18:21 The Story of a Human Being Video Duration : 01:18:21 This story of the human being just simply needs to be told.

To be human is the highest achievement a human can achieve. As simple as that—to be human. Now what does it mean to be human? Does it mean to tolerate mistakes?! Because that’s how we look at it: “Ohjust being human.”...

The Potential in You 00:09:56 The Potential in You Video Duration : 00:09:56 Prem Rawat in East Timor
São Paulo 2016 01:05:00 São Paulo 2016 Video Duration : 01:05:00 Prem Rawat in São Paolo, Brazil

You have the most powerful friend. And that is inside of you wherever you go. You don’t need fear. You need strength. And the strength that I am talking about is inside of you.

Knowledge of the self, of you!—so you can understand, so you can see, so you can feel, so you know! And not learn to live in a world of beliefs—but to know. To welcome every single day like you will not get another one.

And that’s when every day starts to become a gift.

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