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You Too Have a Gift 00:10:31 You Too Have a Gift Audio Duration : 00:10:31 "Your existence here is the union of the divine, and it's the only place, only t...

Prem Rawat:

You know, everybody has their talents. To me, this is my observation. Everybody's gifted. Everybody is gifted. Not one single person on the face of this earth who is not gifted. Somebody can sing. Somebody can make a pancake like you wouldn't believe. That's a gift. Believe me, that's a gift. Maybe you can make somebody smile. That's a gift.

Maybe you are a wonderful companion. That's a gift. Maybe you're a wonderful friend. That's a gift. And so to me, every person has a gift. And I have a gift. I can open my mouth and touch the hearts, and so that's what I want to do.

Have you ever seen water flow? Especially in a dry creek or something like that, when the water starts to come, it just seeks out wherever it can flow. It's just, that's what it's interested in. And it'll go one way, and if that's not happening, it'll just turn and it'll go the other way and it'll go the other way. It'll go the other way. Go, go, go, go till it's got the flow.

And it's the same way. When your understanding is clear, people begin to despair, but they despair because their vision is not clear. They're not looking at it. People come to me and they bring problems. That's like one of the things that happens literally every day. And I have to look at that and go, that's not a problem. That is not a problem. And how can it be taken off?

I have my famous saying, which is you can get on top of Himalayas, take a little hammer, just a little hammer, go the very peak, and just go “tukk.” Well, you just have shortened Mount Everest. It's technically true, you know.

And you don't, I mean, you don't even have to know how to climb. You can get one of these super performing helicopters and dangle a big metal ball underneath it, and just go and just hit it. And you have begun the processes. Sometimes we see how small we are, but we don't see our capacity.

Look at an ant. Look at a butterfly. Monarch butterflies can make the journey nonstop from Florida to England. I mean, talk about capability. I mean, you know, here are pilots and they've got their GPS and their got their navigation system and they got their super jets and they get lost and here comes a little butterfly. Zhuuu... England! Hello!

I mean, absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing. You look at the ants and especially where they, you know, there's bricks or tile work and it's just filled with sand. I mean, what did it take man to get that done? Oh, it took a truck to bring the sand sand that had to be packaged and all of this stuff and then got there and a trowel and put it in and smooth it out and a broom to then clean it out and, and here come the ants and thukk, thukk, thukk... dig it all up. Because it's not about small; it's not about big; it's not about underachieving.

It's not about overachieving because you also have to know that's not happening. So you know, really don't make the excuses of underachiever and this and that. and… You see desperation. I see hope. No. What I see, you can see too; what I feel, you can feel too; what I understand, you can understand too. And I see people coming and you can just see that, okay, you're not gonna see them next time. But if there is a fullness, then the attention doesn't go there. The attention isn't on the emptiness. The attention is on the fullness, and if it is filled with that clarity, with that divinity, with that beauty, with that simplicity, what else is there? Because that is the presence of Divine. That is the present.

Clarity is the presence of the Divine. Peace is the presence of Divine. The joy is the presence of the Divine. You know, this is nothing but this sheet that you have cloaked on. There is something that is immortal. This is the union. Your existence here is the union of the Divine, and I've said this many times, and it's the only place, only time that it happens, that the infinite and the finite have foregone the rules and the two have come together. The basics of all rules have been broken. That's your existence and always it would be. And so it is that Divine will encompass everything. But so far you exist, that rule has been foregone and the finite will encompass the infinite. So you breathe, so you talk. So you think, so you can feel.

But this union, by no stretch of the imagination, is permanent. This is a coming together of all these different elements that have come together. What are you? 70% water. 70% water. A little of this gas, little of that gas, a little of this dirt, little of that dirt. It has all come together. Do you know that one of the biggest part of you, your being, is gas—oxygen, hydrogen?

These are the elements. And then, it's like coming together of these elements from this earth. This is physics that I'm talking about that has made you. And you're alive; you can think; you can dance; you can talk; you can do so many things. But it's all borrowed. Oxygen wants to go back to being oxygen. Truly is a Cinderella story. Truly is the Cinderella story. Midnight will strike and when it does, no more a chariot, but a pumpkin.

So, you're very fortunate, very fortunate. Everybody is fortunate because that union is happening. But you are fortunate that you can recognize that yet gift.

So, recognize that union in your life. Be fulfilled. Be in that place and enjoy it.

The Lion and The Sheep 00:04:14 The Lion and The Sheep Video Duration : 00:04:14 Do you know your true potential?


One day, a shepherd was guiding his sheep near a jungle, when he came across a poor, helpless little lion cub. There were no parents around and the cub was almost dying. So the shepherd scooped it up and took it home.

When he had nurtured it back to health, he put it in the barn with his sheep. Every day the little lion would go out with the sheep. As time passed, the cub got bigger and bigger, playing and grazing with the sheep. This was all he knew.

One day while the sheep were in the field, a huge lion stepped out from the jungle. And the lion roared mightily. All the sheep started running around trying to hide, and so did the little lion!

The big lion went over to this little lion, (who wasn’t that little anymore) and said, “Why are you scared of me?” “I am a poor little sheep and you will eat me! Please don’t eat me.”

“Eat you? Don’t you know who you are? Why are you pretending to be a sheep?” “Oh, please don’t eat me.” “You are a lion! Come with me.”

And he took the little lion to a pond and said, “Now look.” And when the little lion looked into the still water of the pond, he was shocked. “I’m not a sheep! I don’t look like them; I look like you!”

“Yes! Can’t you see? You are like me. Now roar with me, because you’re not a sheep—you’re a lion!” So the little lion roared and he started thanking the big lion. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Oh, don’t thank me. I didn’t do anything,” the big lion said. “Even before I stepped out of that jungle, you were a lion. All I did was show you who you truly are. Living with the sheep, you forgot. And today, when I brought you to this pond, you saw your reflection. And now you know. You have no doubt.”

Life 00:05:51 Life Video Duration : 00:05:51 It begins with you, your understanding, your life, your existence.

What is life? Many, many definitions. But if you want to look at life, look at it this way: that it’s a bunch of layers. Only one sheet is real; the rest of it is just overlays. Translucent overlays on top of that real sheet. And sometimes the overlays become so many that you lose sight of that real sheet.

What I do is I ask people to lift those layers one by one and see that they’re only the layers. Every layer is changeable and every layer represents a change. The only thing that doesn’t change is the basic fundamental layer on which everything is developed on.

It’s like having a wall. Sometimes interior designers will do it. They’ll have a wall and they have a sofa, and they have different colors. But the base, the main sofa, stays there where they’ve got it. You can see it in different colors, but the basics do not change.

Life too is very much like those layers. We’ve got our relationships and we’ve got our friends and we’ve got our ideas. And we’ve got our jobs and we’ve got this happening and we’ve got that happening. And this is this, this is this, this is this, and pretty soon you’re caught in all of those layers and we forget what the main sheet is, what it is about.

Look, some pianos come with 88 keys. Lowest note, highest note. All songs played on that piano will be contained within those notes. If the artist goes beyond the lowest 88, nothing! Doesn’t matter how good he is. All those notes that can be played, that’s it. That’s it! There’s no more and no less. That’s it. Everything has to be contained within that. It is the sequence. So, if somebody was to tell you, “Mash all the keys at the same time and you will play every single song.”

Take a piece of bamboo, flattened bamboo or whatever, you know, notch it out so it can play all the 88 keys at once. Take it on top of the piano and go ‘whoonkkht!’ And there, you have just played every single song that can be played on the piano. Technically it’s true. But it isn’t. Why isn’t it true? Because it will not sound beautiful; it will have no emotion. A song is not just about playing the key, but the silence in between. That’s what defines a song. The silence is just as important. If you just kept going ding-ding-ding-ding-ding, you’ve got a fire-bell, not a song.

But in this life, if you take all these notes and mash them together and say “Yeah, everything is fine, I’m playing a song,” you are sadly mistaken. There is no song. It’s just a big clunk-clunk-clunk-clunk-clunk sound. And if life doesn’t seem quite right, you are not mistaken. It’s not being played right. It is about the sequence; it is about the silence; it is about harmony; it is about the emotion. This is what constitutes a song.

It begins with you, your understanding, your life, your existence, your clarity, your song, your fingers on those keys that have been given to you. You playing a song, not a hired artist. No, no, no. You playing the song. That’s what it is about; it is your emotion that has to come out; it is your song. And it is your enjoyment of that song that means everything.

- Prem Rawat

A Singular Focus 00:02:02 A Singular Focus Video Duration : 00:02:02 Prosper! Bloom. Be fulfilled.

The question becomes: is the focus to have that joy in this life? Is the focus to be content, to be fulfilled? Or is the focus on bewilderment? What do you entertain as a thought every single day? Gratitude? Or “I wonder what’s next?”

You have both possibilities. You have the possibility of being in a place where you entertain that one singular, most beautiful thought of gratitude, of fulfillment. Or you have the possibility of bewilderment.

Bewilderment will not bring you gratification. Never has, never will. Knowing, feeling, experiencing will. Don’t let them go to waste. Don’t. Live your life consciously in gratitude, in knowing, in clarity, in simplicity—and prosper! Of course, prosper! Absolutely, prosper! Bloom. Be fulfilled.

- Prem Rawat

Five Seconds of Heaven 00:02:38 Five Seconds of Heaven Video Duration : 00:02:38 The day you want to make five seconds of heaven for yourself...

Five Seconds of Heaven.
Just five seconds. If you have children at home, try to make five seconds of heaven for them. Just five seconds. Start with five.

You have a husband? Five seconds of heaven.
You have a wife? Five seconds of heaven.

What would make five seconds of heaven for a husband?
This is what’s amazing. Oh, it’s not a big breakfast. Listen. Five seconds.

What would make five seconds of heaven for your wife?
What about your children? Surely, give them toys. Right? No. Listen.

And the day you want to make five seconds of heaven for yourself, listen to your heart and you will have that five seconds of heaven.

To be fulfilled. To be in real joy, to have savored, to have known the divine because it was so close to you. To you.

- Prem Rawat

Singular in Nature 00:01:49 Singular in Nature Video Duration : 00:01:49

Do you know what it means to be singular in nature?
It defies nature itself, because nature says, “there can be nothing singular in nature.”

That’s like having a one-sided coin. That would be very difficult to have, wouldn’t it?

In this world, there is so much duality, duality, duality, duality. And then, to have something in your life that is singular in nature. That divinity inside each human being is singular in nature. It has no opposite. It has one thing and only one thing, and it is beautiful.

It is fulfilling. It has no emptiness. It is the light that does not cast shadows. It is that light that has no darkness associated with it. It is singular in nature. It gives, it absorbs, it fulfills, and it is beautiful, always.

- Prem Rawat

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