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Reality. Not Hypothesis

Let’s make something happen that’s different, that’s new, that’s great, that’s wonderful.
Sep 13, 2017
Prem’s four international birthday celebrations for the year was kicked off in September at Ivory’s Rock Conference Center near Brisbane, Australia (Amaroo). Over 4000 guests from all over the world attended this 5-day convention. Here’s Prem’s 2nd address on Day 3.

So, I’m creating these platforms, and what I really would like to see from the young people, before effort comes, is a dialogue—a dialogue as to what will work. “How can you help?” We need to hold that dialogue. Innovation! In this, you can never be afraid to experiment, but the experiment must happen in collaboration, not independently.

We need to really learn how to collaborate. And this non-collaborative effort has produced such painful results in the past that it literally paralyzes people who want to help. And I’m talking about the inner core, the working core. It’s like, “What do we do?” And it doesn’t have to be like that. We shouldn’t be working out of fear. Because, if we are in sync, if we know what collaboration means, if we can have a dialogue....

So, let’s come together! Let’s make something happen that’s different, that’s new, that’s great, that’s wonderful. Reaching of libraries, reaching of different, different avenues—making this available to people. And you’re young; you have the energy; I have the experience. It works!

All right. So! In your life, you don’t want things to change. Change, by very nature, wants to change. And if, by your imagination, you start to imagine… Have you been thinking about imagination at all? You start to imagine the negative consequences of what the change may imply. None is real—and reality has nothing—no, reality doesn’t come into play.

But it’s your imagination. Your imagination is going, “Oh, my God; if this happens, then that might happen; that,” might, might! Not that it’s going to happen—might happen—“and then that might happen, and oh, my God, oh, my God; oh, this is terrible!” What does reality say about it? Do you know? No, you don’t know, because all your perceptions are through this box.

And you might say, “Oh, but, you know, this is your hypothesis,” right? No! Flying is like that. The first thing you do is you go out there; you fly an airplane, and you look out the window—and they encourage you to look out the window, and you look out the window, and they say, “Oh, yeah, but see that horizon over there?” “So, yeah.”

 “Okay, look at that, and fly, and you know, if it starts to go down, that means you’re going up; if it starts to go up, you’re going down! So, try to keep it level.” And you’re pretty happy, and it’s like, “Okay,” and you progress along. And then you get your pilot’s license, and things are good. Your ego is inflated, and everything else.

And then—and then, time comes for you to move on to become an IFR pilot. And now, IFR pilot means you’re not looking out the window. You’re only looking at the instruments and interpreting exactly what’s going on, what’s happening.

So, all this time, you had relied on your bodily senses, G-forces that you feel—you know, just like a roller coaster ride. When you start to go down, you feel a little bit lighter; you start to go up, you feel a little bit heavier, and if you start to turn, you feel that little bit of the displacement of the inner ear, say, “Oh, yeah, I’m turning. Oh my God, oh....”

And so the instructor will tell you, “Now, forget about all that.” “And what?” Because this is what happens. Those pilots who are only relying by looking outside, when they get inside a cloud or whatever, they start to rely on their senses, and their senses are screwed! And they end up putting the airplane upside down! And when they finally come out of the cloud, they’re looking at the ground. And the ground is approaching fast—and only because you’re going down really fast.

Like, “No! Look at this!” This becomes your reality; your instruments become your reality. Here, this is what you should look at. All these senses, all these things that are telling you all this, isn’t real. What this is telling you is what is real.

And of course, they have another one—just in case you go, “Oh, my God”—so you can look at it and say, “No! This one is correct; both are telling me this. It’s good.” And you can go through.

- Prem Rawat

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