Sao Paolo - Part 1

We have an incredible tolerance for happiness!
Apr 16, 2016

You have chosen today ... to be here, to hear about peace, to further your understanding of what it is to be alive—to take one more step. And what I want to talk about today really is more to do with, who are we? Who are we? What is a human being?

On one hand ... very simple: we’re made out o’ six things, six elements. Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus—that’s what you are. Logically, this is what you look at. When you see another person, this is what you look at. And there’s no difference ... who you look at. This is what you see.

But that’s not true. We look at our mother ... and we are not just looking at carbon, calcium, oxygen, and all these things—we’re looking at something else! We look at our father; we’re not just looking at carbon and calcium and nitrogen and phosphorus and hydrogen and oxygen! We’re seeing a father.

We see somebody we love—we don’t just say, “Oh, this is all you are.” We, we see somebody we love. So obviously ... even though, technically speaking, this is what we’re made out of, that’s not the whole story. There’s something else.

And then there is another thing that is also involved ... [from audience, word] and that is ... our desires, our wants. We ... desire ... to be happy. And they [we] have an incredible tolerance for happiness. We can take two billion tons of happiness any given day ... and it’s not a problem. We can consume ... all the happiness, and it does not give us a problem.

And all our dreams, our road maps that we make in our mind ... to achieve happiness.... We draw little maps: “If I have this, I have this; I want this, I have this, I have this, then I can be happy.” These are our road maps to happiness.

It doesn’t matter ... whether you’re educated or you’re not educated; whether you are—you have a job, you don’t have a job.... You do every day, you aspire ... to be happy.

This is ... who you are.

Now the question becomes, if this is who you are, this is what you aspire, this is what you want, why don’t—why doesn’t ... mankind succeed? What happens? The more we try to be happy, the sadder we get. The more we try to be free, the more frustrated we become.

Because we’re caught ... in the web ... like a fish.... They’re caught in the net ... of definitions. And we believe in these definitions even when they don’t work! Even when they don’t work, we keep on believing. We have become believers.

Do you—you, you have heard of Leonardo da Vinci, no? Have you? [Audience: Yes. Yes. Si.] Good. (Hm-hmh!) [laughter] So, they found these notes of Leonardo da Vinci. And on one of the notes ... he writes—and at the bottom he signs it—and this is how he signs it. He signs it, “Disciple of experience, Leonardo da Vinci.”

And when I ... read that, I had to ask myself, “Are you ... a disciple of experience? Is this what you follow—experience? Or do you follow beliefs?” Now, and, and this is a big difference, huge difference.

Because one says, “I follow what I know.” And the other one says, “I follow anything!” [laughing] Have you ever seen ... dogs chasing cars? Have you seen that? [Audience: Yes. Si.] It’s, they’re very ... cct, happy, excited. [Inds.: Yeah. Yes. (laughter)] Cct, it’s, they’re chasing, they’re chasing. “Aff-aff, waff-aff, aff-aff, waff-waff, waff-waff-waff-waff, wah-wah-wah....”

And what do you think would happen if they caught one? [laughter]

Can’t chew the tire; nothing to eat. What do you think would happen ... if the [laughing] dog who’s chasing, chasing, chasing, chasing ... all these cars ... all of a sudden, caught one?

So ... we have our beliefs—and we chase our beliefs. And we believe in this ... and we believe in that. And we’ happily chasing our beliefs! And what would happen ... what would happen ... (i,) if one day the belief came ... true? [From audience: (words), mmm.]

And, ‘give you an example. You’ve heard ... that Uranus, (astrologers will tell you,) Uranus is in your house. [Ind.f.: (laughing) Yeah.] Right? [From audience: Mmm. Umm-hmm.] And one day ... [laughter] if you woke up ... and there was Uranus ... in your house! I mean ... [laughing] it would be ridiculous!

But we believe, “Oh, no-no, this is how it is.” And the whole world ... is in the business of believing. Leonardo da Vinci says, “You should be a disciple of experience”—he is a disciple of experience.

Because he asked questions! Leonardo da Vinci asked questions. He said ... “Why does a mountain, far away, look the way it does?” Because before that, people were painting mountains, and they were painting mountains like you were standing two feet away from them.

And he realized ... that there is haze. And this is obstructing a lot of the light—and the details are not there. That it’s actually just faded. And then things ... as that light changes from far distance to closer and closer and closer ... that this can assist ... in creating the three-dimensional view.

So his (ma’,) one of his masterpieces ... the Last Supper that he painted ... is not just about trying to paint a portrait—but it had the three-dimensionality to it. Because he asked the questions! He did not just say, “Oh, he paints it that way? Good.”

Michelangelo was there too! Same time! But he wasn’t asking those questions ... that Leonardo da Vinci was asking.

What questions do you ask?

What questions should you be asking?

Do you ask the question, “Am I blessed? [From audience: No. ... Ha!] And if I am blessed ... do I feel it ... every single day?”

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