Sao Paolo 2016 segment 3

Apr 17, 2016

What could you ask for more ... in your life ... than the Divine being in you? Closer than any friend, closer than your wife or your husband ... in you? The one that will accompany you wherever you go....

In the darkest place, the Divine is with you. On top of the mountain, the Divine will go with you. In confusion the Divine is with you; in your troubles, in your sorrow, in every emotion that you consider hell ... the Divine is with you.

Do you celebrate this? Do you thank? [From audience: Si.] Do you thank the Divine ... for being with you? Your friend.... If you do not acknowledge your friend, your friend won’t be your friend for very long. At some point in time, you have to tell your friend, “I like you. Thank you for being my friend.” What do you say to the Divine?

These are the paradoxes ... that we should be working on. Because when we do, the resolution of these paradoxes ... knowing—this is ... truly, truly knowing the self. “Know thyself?” But here’s a very good reason why you should know yourself—because this is who you are.
You have a mind ... and you have a heart. You’re balanced! You’re balanced. If you learn how to use both of them equally ... not only will you be in peace, but you will prosper ... in this world.

(The,) most people only know how to use one. The heart, they don’t understand. I say “the heart” ... and people go, “What is a heart? What are you talking about?” I’ll tell you what a heart is.

Heart ... is the place ... where the human courage resides. Heart is the home of your clarity. Heart ... is the place where the Divine in you belongs and exists. Heart is the place from where you seek the truest gratitude of your existence. Heart is the place where the love, because of reasons—no reason, that love resides.

Heart is the place ... where, in you, the thirst to be fulfilled ... is. That place ... that contains all this that is good ... is called “the heart.” That’s what a heart is. The courage ... the courage ... to seek clarity in the midst of confusion. Whe-eth [When] every thing is going wrong ... the courage ... to say, “No. No. I want ... clarity. I want ... to be fulfilled.”

Have you ... experienced this courage? Have you felt this courage? Have you understood this courage? (Bcs’) [Because] ... this is your power! It’s your power! It’s your power ... to thrive in this world ... to thrive! [Ind.f.: Mmm!] To shine! To be! Not the stupid little road maps ... that you have created.

“Oh, yes, please-please-please-please, give me a promotion.” You want a promotion? Work hard for a promotion. (Hmmh!)

You have samething [something] to say to the Divine? Then make it real. And what is it? Only one thing: “Thank you.”

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