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Sao Paolo 2016 segment 4

4/17/2016 12:00:00 AM

What is gratitude? This is what I was saying yesterday—gratitude ... is when somebody gives you something.

And when that, (you,) when you receive that gift ... and you feel good ... you feel good, then you take some of that “good” that you feel ... and give it to the person who gave you that gift. And that’s gratitude; that’s ... that’s gratitude—that’s all gratitude is: “You gave me something ... that made me feel so good.... Let me give you a little of what you gave me, so you can feel good too.”

This is ... being human. [laughing] What else of gift can a human give to the Divine ... except something that is so fundamentally human? And one thing that is so fundamentally human ... is that a human can feel good—can feel good. Nobody ... can feel good ... like you do.

Seven-point ... five billion, six billion, (seven, eight, nine, whatever it is now) ... people on the face of this earth? And each one is unique in how they feel the goodness. It’s their signature! This is what happ’ [happens]: “This is how I feel that goodness; this is how I feel being alive. This is how I feel ... when I am content. This is how I feel ... when I am clear.”

To give ... to the Divine, the gift of gratitude.....

No!—and this is not.... I mean, you see on TV! And you know? There’s soldiers; they’re going to go.... And they all hold hands, and ... “(God) ... you know, God, help us ... kill those guys.” [laughter] And those guys are also holding hands—and, “God, help us kill those guys.” How’s that going to work? [from audience, words]

What are people asking ... of each other? When we are no longer ... that basic human, then whatever you see in this world starts to happen—where there’s no respect! (It,) the issues become religion; issues become education; issues become wealth! Issues become “look” ... instead of, “I am looking at a human being.”

And what am I looking at? Myself!—just a little different. Same (s’,) exact six things, rearranged. That’s what I’m looking at.

You ... are like me. We, (because,) we share ultimately—every one of us on the face of this earth ultimately shares the same fate! We were born; we are alive, and one day we’re going to die.

The rich? Yes. Poor—yes. Educated? Yes. Uneducated? Yes. Ugly? Yes! Very pretty? Yes.

Strong? Yes. Weak? Yes.

Hindu? Yes. Moslem? Yes ... and any other religion you want to throw in there.

This is, this is our fate. And in this ... incredible story, the day we were born and then, the day we have to go.... And there’s this time.... [Ind.f.: Mmm....]

And everybody has a number. “I want to be ... eighty years old; I want to be a hundred”—where did this number come from? Excuse me, where did this number come from? Who gave you this number? You made it up! There are no guarantees!

One day ... I get a request. And so I.... The request is to call this couple. And they have just lost their very young daughter in an accident. And I’m like, “This is terrible! It’s terrible! What can I tell them?”

And so ... I get on the phone. And of course they’re very sad, very sad. (Hmmh!) And I said to them ... “I cannot change anything. But I can tell you something. You knew your daughter. You loved your daughter. And if you only got to know her for one day, just one day ... would it be enough? Just one day?” And they said, “Yeah.”

I said, “So ... you were very fortunate. You got to know her ... for eighteen years.” Now I don’t know ... if it helped. But I have to ask you this question. “Would it be enough ... if you had ... this life ... just for one day? None at all?—or just one day?” [From audience: Solo day.] Would you take the one day? Would you? Just one day....

You want to be in peace? [From audience: Yes.] Do you want to be in peace? [Audience: Yes. Yes.]

Then live every day ... like it is that one day.

That’s it.

Just looking at the stars.... To look at the stars ... till you really have looked at the stars. Look at a sunset.... Don’t just look at a sunset! Really ... look at a sunset and keep looking at it till you really have looked at it! [takes breath in] (Ss’jez) [It’s just,] you’ve been touched!

You don’t know how fortunate you are. Do you know ... that the sun will not be there? It’ll be gone! It’ll be gone. The moon ... gone. The earth ... gone! Is this my prediction? No, this is what Einstein said: “Everything that’s been created will be destroyed!” So, the sun was created—‘be destroyed. Earth was created ... pbb’thlthl’t, it’ll be destroyed!

Are you here? You’re here! You get to see it! You get to see the sun! You get to see the stars! You get to see a bird! You get to see a butterfly! You get to see yourself! You get to see the people you love! You get to feel. You get to understand. You get to comprehend. You get to be alive....

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