Sao Paolo 2016 segment 5

Apr 17, 2016

We live in a social order that we have created (and) for ourselves, that is so stupid, so stupid, it’s unbelievable.

You really think you have to put quarters ... in a mango tree for it to grow mangos? No, really, seriously! I mean, seriously! Who’s responsible ... for food-growing on the face of this earth, that you eat? Farmers? No, nature. Nature, [laughing] nature grows the food! But what do you want? You want your toast! [laughter]

So we have created a toast. And what does the toast take ... to get to you? [Ind.f.: words] Think about it. Nature grew the wheat—(the farmer just put the seeds,) nature grew the wheat. Then the machine came and mowed down ... separated the husk, separated the wheat. Then it went to a flour mill, huge machine ... and it takes those and it grinds it down.

And then ... there’s rats. It grinds them too! But it’s okay! [Inds.: Bleah! (words)] So, they have this—they have this system ... where they don’t have to list in the ingredients ... bugs ... rats ... and other things. So you look at the ingredient and (th’) [then] you go ... “Wheat!” [laughter]

When I was a young boy, we had a farm! (Hmmh!) we had a farm! And believe me, if you could ever find a sack of wheat without bugs in it, it was a miracle! [laughing] This is what happens. This is what happens! All, why? Because somebody wants a toast! [Ind.f.: Yes. (laughter)] [Ind.m.: Right!] And a toast, “I want to have my toast!” [words, “Mmm-hmm.”?]

So, you can’t make a toast, so you buy a toaster! And what does it make? Think about it—what does it take to make a toaster? The plastic! The delivery (wen, but, wans) [vans]. The, the fuel, the tires....

This goes on, and on.... “I want my ... pasta!” [laughter] Now, I like pasta, so it’s okay—[laughter] but these are the systems we have created! These are the systems we have created.

(Ah) ... in the Pacific, there is an island; it’s called the Solomon Island. And, the year-round temperature ... is perfect. It’s very close to the equator, so it never gets hot and it never gets cold. And the people living there had the highest rate of unemployment—because they didn’t need to be employed. [laughter]

They didn’t need a roof; they will go to sleep on a beach. Take a bath—they had the biggest bathtub in the world ... called the “ocean”—just go swimming. Every day, being by the equator, it would rain; they would get their fresh water. They got hungry; they would go over to a tree, pluck a fruit; eat it. [Ind.f.: words]

No crime! Don’t need to steal anything from anybody. A tree was everybody’s tree! And then everything changed. You know what they did? They brought beer ... to the island. [Inds.: words] And now, for the beer, they had to have money!—because beer does not grow on trees. (Hmmh!) Crime—was, shot up. Because then they started stealing things that they would then try to sell....

This is the world we live in? This is the world we have created.

(And,) this is the world we have created.

People ... people ... who lie ... are being rewarded. And people who tell the truth? “Go away.”

There’s no value! Nothing left!

And it is ... our world. Our world. To feel ... alive, to shine, to spark ... because you know, (not believe....)

How many people believe the government, one day, will fix your problems?

Christ ... 2,000 years ago? And governments were even before that—right, right? They’ve been trying to fix it since then. Do you think they have been able to fix it? [Inds.: words] How long are you going to wait? Governments is not the solution; people are!

People are! You, do you hear about pollution, right? And all the pollution in the world, (ah,) “Pollution, pollution, pollution, pollution, pollution, pollution, cars: pollution, cars: pollution, cars pollute, cars pollute....” You know what pollutes more than all the, all the cars?

There’s approximately 800 million cars ... on the face of this earth. What do you think ... pollutes more than all the cars on the face of this earth, at any given time? Supertankers. Sixteen supertankers put out more (sss’) sulphur into the atmosphere than 800 million cars on the face of this earth—because they burn such low-grade fuel. It’s so unprocessed.

You didn’t even know that, did you? [laughing] What a well-kept secret! When I came across this [those] numbers, I was like ... “Ah, how come the newspapers don’t print that every single day on the, on the, on their newspapers? How come the TV stations don’t tell you this every single day?

Every single day?” Because ... everybody ... is in bed with everybody else. And I am—for fifty years, I’m trying to make a difference; to bring message to people that, what you are looking for is within inside of you. [applause] Fifty years!

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