Sao Paolo 2016 segment 6

Apr 17, 2016

And I hope ... I have made a difference ... in your perspective ... [From audience: Yes.] in your understanding: that you have the solution; that you ... need to be ... in heaven ... every day ... that you are alive.

That you have ... the most powerful ... the, the most powerful friend ... [Ind.f.: Mmm!] and that is inside of you, wherever you go. You don’t need ... fear. You need strength. And the strength ... that I am talking about is inside of you.

Knowledge ... of the self, of you!—so you can understand, so you can see, so you can feel, so you know! And not (lear’, le’,) learn to live in a world of beliefs—but to know. To welcome every single day ... like you will not get another one. And that’s when every day ... starts to become a gift.

And people go, “I’m too old.” [Ind.f.: words] Really? Really? Really? Let me tell you something. Your brain functions just fine. And people go, “But I forget!” [laughter] Right? And this is the complaint? [From audience: Yeah.] This is totally ... a myth. It’s totally a myth. Brain continues to function exactly like it has.

The reason why you forget ... is the same reason why even a teenager will forget. And you know what that reason is? Don’t do two things at the same time. [laughter] Because it is [has] scientifically been proven that a brain cannot do two things at the same time.

Proven! If ... [Ind.f.: words] your brain can do two things at the same time ... you are a freak! [laughter] Normal brain—shuts down; that’s why ... when you’re (w’) talking on the phone, and you’re driving, and something starts to happen, you stop talking! Because the brain cannot do two things at the same time; it has to pay attention to driving?—it’ll stop talking.

And, when it’s into talking, it’ll stop driving! And now you don’t know where you’re going! Do you know what the most accidents in the, in the emergency center are? People walking into poles ... because they’re on the phone.

One thing at a time—and let that one thing, the first thing be ... understanding ... “I am alive. And this is the most important thing happening”—the most important thing happening: “I am alive.”

My lottery ... has come! I have received the gift of gifts! The gift of gifts. What does it take? What does it take? Very briefly, I’ll tell you a story I told yesterday—very briefly. There was ... a child ... (teenager) ... and one day he went to the chief. (They were living in a tribe; he went to the chief,) and he said, “Chief, I have a question.” And he said, “What is your question?”

He said, “My question is ... that some people ... are good sometimes. And the same people ... are bad sometimes. How can this be? Sometimes they’re good; sometimes they’re bad. If they’re good, shouldn’t they always be good? And if they’re bad, shouldn’t they always be bad?”

The chief said ... “Inside of each one of us ... there are two wolves—a good wolf ... and a bad wolf, and they fight ... each other.” So ... says, “Why ... do they fight?” “They fight ... to have supremacy over you. Whichever one wins gets to have you!” [Inds.: Mmm. Mm. Umm-hmm.]

After a little while ... the boy said to the chief, “Chief ... which one wins?” And the chief said, “Whichever one you feed!” [Ind.f.: Ah! (laughing)] Whichever one you feed is going to be the strong one, and that will win—whichever one you feed. Which one do you feed?

[Inds: Mmmm. Huh!] What? [Ind.m.: That’s getting real.] Do you have to think? [Ind.f.: Yeah.] [laughter, words]

(Nn,) [And] don’t ever feed ... the bad wolf. Now, people go, “Oh, so there’s two wolves; there’s a bad wolf and there’s a good wolf, so I should beat the bad wolf, right?” [laughter] [From audience: No! (words)] How is beating the bad wolf going to make the good wolf strong? [Inds.: Yes. Mmm.] How?

If you want the good wolf to be strong, feed the good wolf. Do you have to get involved in the fight? No. They will fight. All you get to do is feed the good one. Feed the good one.

It works. [Ind.f.: Yes.] When you find yourself feeding the bad one—well, when, when you find yourself ... in disarray, you go, “Uh-oh, I just fed the bad wolf! Should have fed the good wolf. Okay, good wolf, here—extra for you, today. Extra, extra, extra! [applause] Extra wisdom, extra kindness, extra understanding!”

Because, even when you’re confused, just know the clarity is right there! It’s right there! Not—you don’t have to go get it from anywhere. It’s right there with you. You’re in darkness? Not a problem! Light is right around the corner! And always remember that ... always remember that.

When everything gets dark in your life, know! ... the light is right there. All you need to do ... is go ... “Oh! Okay.” It’s there.

This is who you are. This is who you are. This is ... a human being.

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