Sao Paolo 2016 segment 7

Apr 17, 2016

So, quite a tale of a human being, huh? Started from the six elements ... and “This is who you are”: the owner of two wolves [laughter; laughing] ... and, and ... that beautiful thing ... that contains the heart, which contains the Divine, which contains the clarity, which (create,) contains joy, which contains all of that that is so good ... so good.

There would be quite a case to be made ... if there was no clarity! There would be quite a case to be made ... if there was no joy. There would be quite a case to be made ... if there was no understanding. There would be quite a case to be made if there was no compassion. Because this world then would be very empty, very empty.

But there is compassion—and it’s in you! How much? Limitless! As much as you need. All you have to do is use it. How much love is in you? How much love do you think there is in you? Oh, my God! (That) ... you could never measure it! All you have to do is use it! A’whe’ [And when] you use it? Multiplies. It’ll never ever go down.

Unfortunately this is true for anger, too! How much anger is in you? Oh, my God, no limit! And more you use it? Uhgch, tch! Tank will be full all the time. It’s not like if you ... got angry, angry, angry, angry, you would use up your anger. You won’t! You can never use it up.

You can never use up kindness. More kind you are ... more kindness there will be. This is—this is who you are! This is what it is like to be a human. And that heaven, and that hell? Well, when you are in heaven, you’re not in hell! And when you are in hell, you’re not in heaven.

And of course, you know, I ask all the religions—I say, “Okay, whatever you teach people, where heaven is, where hell is, fine. But just do one thing. Just do one thing. It won’t change anything in your religion—just do one thing. Declare ... that ‘If you want to go to heaven ... then first you have to make heaven here.’ That’s all. [applause] That’s all.”

(Ha!) This would be a very different world! This really would be a very different world; rather than ... abusing this world like (you,) you know, you’re not the owner; you’re just renting it ... people would actually take care of it. And it’s all this world needs! And it just gives, and it gives, and it gives, and it gives, and it gives.

More than enough food is produced to feed the whole world. Do you know that? Do you know that? The earth actually produces more than enough food ... to feed the whole world, every single person ... comfortably! So why are people hungry? Greed! Greed. Throw away food. Throw! People throw away food.

Do you know what (it) is also one of the largest contributor ... of methane gas to the atmosphere? Do you know? Food. That’s how much food is thrown away. It actually affects the atmosphere. They bury it, and it rots, and it produces methane—and it goes into the atmosphere.

[Ind.m.: Yeah!] There are solutions; there are solutions—and the solution begins with you first. When you are happy ... then the happiness ... is contagious! [Ind.: Mmm!] That’s why you like being around people who are happy! [laughing] Because happiness is contagious! You don’t like being around people who are mad, angry, always crying—because it’s, it’s contagious too.

Sadness is contagious; joy is contagious. Find the source of joy in you—and hopefully it will infect you! Infect you! [applause] And ... enjoy this life. Enjoy this existence; enjoy this being.

So, anyways, I am on a very ambitious tour. So, you know, from here I’m going to Argentina, Argentina to South Africa ... [Ind.: Yeah.] South Africa to Europe; there’s a whole bunch of programs in Europe. Then I have to go to India; then from India ... I’m going to the Pacific. And there is, of course, program in Amaroo. And from there, where, it’s all these....

It just—it goes on and on and on and on and on. So I’m—I mean, I mean, I’m going to be coming home ... just a few, for a few days, (the), in like ... quite a few months—and then I have to go again. [Ind.f.: Umm-hmm?]

And so ... for me, you know—for some people, it’s like, fifty years. For me, it’s another year—and my great joy and opportunity that I get to spread this message ... to people. Because there is a huge, beautiful thing that is happening. People are listening to this message—truly, truly are listening.

Do you know ... the Peace Education Program ... is in every single prison in Ghana, West Africa, every single prison—and people love it. I mean, they just love it. They can’t get enough of it.

There was a person ... in Greece! And he had started the Peace Education Program ... and then he was released; his release date came up so he was released; he was free to go. So he went back ... to the warden ... and he said to the warden, he says, “I love ... the Peace Education Program so much. Can I please come back to finish it?” [laughing; laughter]

And the warden said, “Of course,” so he ... he could finish it. It’s not only the inmates. But it is in hospitals; it is in hospice; it’s in library; it’s in universities. It is everywhere, and not—and police ... and military, and in United States, the veterans that are coming back ... from the, from the wars ... are taking up Peace Education Program, because it truly makes a difference.

And it is a message of hope; it’s a message of joy. And ... it’s amazing. It’s a, it’s truly amazing what is happening ... out there. And I’m going to be going to these places, and ... you know ... ‘amazing thing is, wardens ... have to clear the Peace Education Program before it can come to prisons. And guess what? [laughter] They fall in love with it too!

And so, now it’s not only just in prisons, but ... the wardens, the, the, the, you know, all the guards, they’re going through it. And not only that, of the—one of the last times I was in Zonderwater Prison in South Africa, (maximum security prison,) after I left, the, the inmates and the guards were dancing with each other! [Audience: Ah! Oh! Ah!]

It, it’s just—it’s like, (comp’,) [completely,] you know, unheard of!—[Ind.f.: Yeah!] unheard of, because ... it, it, this is what peace does! This is, this is ... this message in action! Not in theory, in action!—and, and, and, and what it is doing....

There is a ... very, very high official in India—and ... he works with terrorists. And he says, “I need that Peace Education Program, because that’s the only thing that’s going to make any difference for them.” [From audience: Oh! Awww!] You know?

So ... yes! Peace can be there; peace can work. I mean, it is really, really, really amazing. Every single orphanage in Japan, the book is already there, Splitting the Arrow. In prisons in Japan, the book is there. And ... it is making a profound ... difference in peoples’ lives.

So ... thank you very much for ... [Audience: Awww! Oh! Oh....] coming tonight. And, take care, and ... I hope you take the message to heart. Thank you, good night.

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