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Say Something Else

How can your own echo say something else than what you said?
4/14/2002 12:00:00 AM

How can your own echo say something else than what you said? How can your echo say something different?

You say, “Hello” and the echo says, “Hi, I am fine.” I mean, is that possible? It’s going to say the same thing you are going to say. You say, “Hello;” your echo is going to say, “Hello,” a little bit later, but it’s going to say that. “You’re crazy”—“You’re crazy.”

So, people don’t think the craziness in this world is an echo of themselves—no, no, no. They think that’s somebody else talking. No, it’s you, you, you, you, you, you—all of us!

And what is everybody trying to do? Fix the echo. The world is trying to change the echo. How? How? It’s never going to happen. You want to change the echo? Then, you say something else and nature will follow its course, and you will hear something different. But it won’t be any different than what you had said.

Because when the lamp is lit, it doesn’t matter in whose house it is lit, it will give light. Is your lamp lit?


– Prem Rawat

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