Most Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I sign up on the app and why is it essential that I respond to the email verification sent to me?

From the Main Menu navigate to 'My Profile' and tap to select it. You will see the option labeled ' Login/Sign Up'. Navigate to the bottom of the page and tap on 'SIGN UP NOW'.

Follow the instructions shown. Once you sign up, you will receive an email to verify that you are who you say you are. Check your email. The validation email will come from:

Open the email and tap on the 'Activate Now' button. You will receive an activation confirmation message. Log in to the app and you are good to go.


Which versions of Android and Apple IOS will the app function at an optimal level at this time?

The app supports iOS 9 - 11 and Android versions 4.4 onwards. If you are using an iPad, make sure you install the iPad version of the app! Some Android devices exhibit video playback issues. There are so many hardware vendors in the Android marketplace that it takes considerable time to test for all of them. If your particular Android device does not work correctly, send the make and model number along with Android version to:

We will make every effort to try and troubleshoot the problem.


Why can I not download the App to my desktop/laptop?

The app was build for mobile devices, specifically those running on the iOS and Android platforms. A companion web site will be available soon.


Can I get the app on my Windows Mobile/tablet?

No, we do not support Windows mobile products at this time. 


Can I sign into my TimelessToday website/Shopify account using the app?

The companion web site will have a portal to Shopify so that you can access your previously purchased products.


Can I purchase a subscription now on the App?

Subscriptions will be available very soon. You will be able to purchase a subscription via the companion website.


Do i need to be connected online to enjoy the contents of the App?

For most of the content, yes. Once subscriptions will be available, content will be available for download and offline playback.


I do not have a smartphone and why would I want one to watch on such a small screen?

A companion website will be available soon. Future versions of the app will support Chromecast. If you have an Apple TV, you can view content on Apple TV using Airplay from your iOS device.


Will future versions of the App run better on my device?

Significant development work is underway to improve the performance of the app for all users. 


Will I be able to use Chromecast on the app as I need to watch on a large screen?

Chromecast is on the development road map.


Will there soon be a Spanish/French  version of the app?

Multiple language support will start in 2018.


Will the app have updated free material that I can enjoy without a subscription?

Absolutely! TimelessToday is committed to providing free content on an ongoing basis.


Where is the music on the app that Prem Rawat showed us in Amaroo?

That music was published only for the test phase of the app. Music content will return to the app however. 




What is TimelessToday?

TimelessToday is a multi-platform media company that produces content about the human potential for peace and well-being as addressed by renowned speaker Prem Rawat.

Our audiovisual crew travels in tandem with Prem Rawat as he addresses audiences around the globe, which he has been doing for over 50 years.

Our attention is on quality and our commitment is to stay in sync with Prem Rawat’s activities. The TimelessToday editors turn the media around as quickly as possible to bring you the most recent addresses in his efforts for peace.

We hope you will enjoy the content on this website. Do not hesitate to contact us with your comments and suggestions.


Who is Prem Rawat?

Born in Northern India in 1957, renowned Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat has addressed over 40 million people worldwide at live events as well as on TV and radio. His talks have been translated into more than 75 languages, and he is regularly invited to speak at universities and prestigious international forums and events. He has accepted invitations from global business leaders, prison inmates, remote villagers in developing countries—whoever is eager to hear his message.


In 2001 he established The Prem Rawat Foundation to promote an understanding of individual peace as the basis of world peace and to help people meet their fundamental needs for food, water, and peace. At present, the Foundation has programs and initiatives in 70 countries.

On July 31, 2016, the 50th anniversary of his lifelong efforts for peace, Prem Rawat launched TimelessToday as a vehicle to reach even more people around the world.


How do I:

Sign up/Log in?

Change my password?

From the main menu scroll to the menu option ‘My Profile’. Select the first option also named ‘My Profile.' Scroll to the bottom of the My Profile page and select ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’.


Find content?

Two of the top level menu items have filters allowing searches: Events and Search.

‘Events’ has three filters: Event type, Year, and Location. Tap the corresponding drop-down to select your desired filters.

Search: From the top level menu select ‘Search’. Type your search term in the text box at the top of the screen. As you type, the search engine looks for titles and tags corresponding to the letters you type. If the search engine finds individual content items with your search word, it will list them. In addition, if your search word matches a tag or tags, then those tags will also appear in lower case. Selecting a tag will list all content items containing references to that tag.


Mark a favorite?

You can favorite an item either in the list view or from the detail / player page. Select the heart-shaped icon to add an item to your favorites.


Create a Playlist?

From the main menu scroll down to the option ‘Playlists’.  Select the type of playlist you want (Audio or Video) by selecting the appropriate tab. Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right to add a new playlist. A pop-up window will appear asking for the name of the new playlist. The type of playlist corresponds to the media tab that you chose (audio or video). Enter the name of your new playlist and tap the ‘Ok’ button.


Add to a Playlist?

If an item is free or you have purchased it, you can add it to a playlist by tapping on the ‘Add to Playlist’ icon below the media player. After tapping the icon, select the playlist that you want to add it too from the list of playlists, or create a new playlist.


Manage Playlists?

As well as create playlists, you can edit and delete playlists. From the main menu, navigate to the ‘Playlists’ option, tap on either the audio or video tab. On mobile devices, swipe left to bring up the edit and delete options. Edit allows you to change the name of the playlist; delete removes the playlist completely. To edit the contents of a playlist, tap on the playlist name to see a list of content items contained in the playlist. You can edit the order by dragging the reorder icon up or down to move the item to your desired place in the playlist. After swiping left, tapping on the delete icon will remove the corresponding item from the playlist.


Play media offline?

To play media offline, you must download it first. Download icons appear below the player for items which are downloadable. Please note that downloadable versions of media are NOT necessarily available for every piece of media. For the most part this will be at the discretion of the publishers. In the case of paid media, the download icon will appear if you have purchased the item or it is included in your subscription. This is also the case with free download items.


Download media?

Media can be downloaded by pressing the Download icon which appears under the media player. Not all media is available for download and hence for those items the Download icon will be disabled. All downloaded media can be accessed under My Profile > Downloads.


Purchase media?

Much of the media content is free however you can subscribe to gain access to more. Subscriptions will be available soon.


Find related content?

Most media have related content associated with it. It can be found by opening the media in hand and pressing the menu icon represented by three vertical dots on the top right. Related content is the third item in this menu.

Share on social media?
All media can be shared via Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail and others. It can be found by opening the media in hand and pressing the menu icon represented by three vertical dots on the top right. Click/Tap on share icon which is the first item in this menu and then choose the platform you wish to share it on.

View my purchases?
Purchases can be viewed under My Profile > My Purchased Content

Delete my account?
If you decide to Delete your account you can do so by going to your profile and clicking the “Delete Account” button. Once you delete your account you won’t be able to access any customized content like Playlists, Favorites, Wishlist or Downloads.

Give feedback?
You can give feedback by going to Settings > Feedback from the Main menu. There are three categories of feedback you can give General, Special and Technical. Please choose the appropriate category and type in your comments in the Text box below.

Get a refund?
All sales are final.

Give a gift?
The Gift feature is currently in development. Details to follow.


Change the App Color Theme?
You can change the color theme by going to Settings > Color Theme from the Main menu. There are six themes available namely Light, Dark, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Choose any one you like and confirm your selection. Once you select a theme it stays on as long as you change it back to something else. 



What is a Wishlist?

A wishlist is a list of items that are marked to be purchased later. 

You can add any item which is available for purchase to your wishlist by clicking on the Add to Wishlist button by going to the item details page. The wishlist would be available to you when you login using your credentials on the website or the App on any other device.


What do I get with my subscription?
The app has two subscription levels, Silver and Gold ( these names may change). Silver allows access to all audio content and associated downloads if available. A Gold subscription allows access to all video content.

What is an ‘Event’?

An event is a compilation of clips extracted from a single appearance of Prem Rawat. Clips are typically between 4 and 9 minutes but may be shorter or longer depending on context. In the ‘detail page’ of the event the user can navigate through the clips which are listed in the order they occurred.

What is a ‘Series’?
A series is a collection of long form media like Events. In a series multiple items are available in a sequence. 

What is ‘Horizon’?
Horizon is a menu category requested by Prem Rawat for telegraphing future events and content. It is effectively a head’s up on what is coming in the short, medium and long term.

What about my previous purchases?
You will continue to have access to Shopify and Vimeo web pages after the app launches. No future sales of digital products will be possible via those portals after the app is launched. However to honor previous customer purchases, the new TimelessToday website will provide links to Vimeo and Shopify content.


Why can I not make in-app purchases?
TimelessToday does not support In-app purchasing at this time. This may change but as a business model it does not match the financial goals of the organization at this time. In addition, since the main emphasis is on subscriptions, the inconvenience of having to purchase content via the web site then becomes a one-time inconvenience for those who decide to take out a subscription.

Why don’t all items have transcripts that I can read?
Whenever possible TimelessToday will provide a transcription of the audio and / or video content presented. There are many reasons why this might not be the case, however it is the intention of TimelessToday to provide transcripts for all content as we grow.

Why are my comments not published?
Comments are curated. Once you make a comment against a media item, it would be screened before it can be published. Sometimes there are too many comments and it takes some time before our team can publish. The list of comments is limited at all times to 20.


When will other languages be available?
Hindi, Tamil, Spanish and Portuguese are planned for 2018.
Region specific pricing will be available in the 2nd release of the app early in 2018.

When is new content published?



How much are subscriptions?
Subscriptions are coming soon. Pricing to be announced.


How long does a subscription last?
Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. All sales are final. Customers can cancel a subscription at any time and access will continue until the end of the current subscription period (month or year).

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