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Point Within

Very few of us actually get an opportunity to say, or hear, “Look, search for it.”
9/26/2015 12:00:00 AM
We often ask our parents about the world, and they are very willing to give us answers. But sometimes, it’s better to leave the questions open, so we can find out on our own.

You have this treasure trove in you. Everyone, everyone does. Everyone does. But we’re not in touch with it; we’re in touch with everything else. And the world helps us. Very few of us actually get an opportunity to say, “Look, search for it.” You know?

We ask our parents, “Dad, where’s God?” And he points up! You know? And, God forbid he’s from Australia, because then we’re all pointing in the wrong direction.

And so, there are all these “can’t answers,” and nobody actually understands them. But it’s, “Oh, yeah, this is this way; this is this way.”

But noble is the father who looks at his child and says, “Son, find out. And if you find out before me, tell me. If I find out before you, I’ll tell you.”

– Prem Rawat

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