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Sep 13, 2017
Prem’s four international birthday celebrations for the year was kicked off in September at Ivory’s Rock Conference Center near Brisbane, Australia (Amaroo). Over 4000 guests from all over the world attended this 5-day convention. Here’s Prem’s 1st address on Day 3.

Now! We come to my favorite part. Okay.... How do you get out of this or... Okay, here we go.

So, that’s what the app, once it becomes available, will look like. Not the blue one, but the red one with the TT logo on it. And.. I’m…am I supposed to say, “Bam!?” Bam!

That’s how simple it is. No big fanfare—just that gets you started. What do you have? You have—The Latest stuff will be right there. Events—any event videos, that’s where they’ll go. Search by Topic—remember we talked about search by topic? There it is!

Search by keyword—because, you may not find the word “rote.” Going back years and years, you may not find the word “rote,” but you heard the word “rote” at this event, or you called your, you know, boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever friend you have at home and said, “He talked about rote.” And they have the app—they can just type in “rote” and it’ll find everything that there is with the word “rote” on it.

Beautiful comments that get posted, like the ones I just read to you will be there. Music! All that music stuff, voomf, it’ll be right there. Bam! And you’ll have it. You’re sitting by the pool and no good-looking girls…you want to read something. You go there, and you have text. So you can read; you can pretend to read a book.

Inspirational quotes, stories, rumors that you love so much—will all go under Inspire. Public Library—you’re going to like Public Library. Fifty year’s worth of library.

So, we were talking about, “What are we going to do with it?” And I had an idea. “We’re going to make it, Public Library.” Make it accessible to everyone.

And a lot of the material that’ll go out on the regular cable programs that we used to have—remember?—we still, we’re on for it. We’re on for it. We’re going to do it—and we’re going to do it for a lot less price.

There are…we found these creatures; they’re called “experts.” They’re not obvious to a lot of people, but they do hide in little places. And you find them…and they can—they know the tricks of the book, how to get in there and get this properly syndicated, and that’s what we’re talking about.

The people will have their videos. They will not only have their video; they will have their radio. And, all that material, is that fifty year’s worth of material—Public Library for you to enjoy.

That’s not where it ends; it scrolls on. Then, any interviews? See, we just made it really simple. You can search for any of this stuff. But instead of hiding it, we just put all the relevant stuff on one bar. No, no, not that kind of bar. It’s the…this is the bar in the side.

So, Interviews. Horizons is about any new ideas that are coming up—that we might be thinking about, that we might be toiling with—like, for instance, what the second iteration of this app is going to be; what features are going to get added will show up in the Horizon.

The making of the virtual event, of how that’s going to be structured will probably show up at the Horizon. Any…any new ideas—I mean, like, for instance, we tried this idea—which we haven’t actually tried yet, but we’re going to try it—is of just calling the person’s name. They’ve…you’ve already submitted your question; you’re calling the person’s name, and then having a dialogue with them.

Then, any of the series that are going to be made available—like, we do a series of “making of the PEAK,” or we make a series of, making of something, or creating something, or what happens at an event, or something like that, those series will go there. Even a lot of training things that we do might start filtering through there. So, episodes, basically—you have episodes, and then you have Episode 1, 2, 3, all related to the same thing.

Then—so, that’s one part of it, and then there is this other part of it, which is by this bar. You can create your playlists. Your own playlists. Things you like—you can create a playlist! You can—and then play it in your car; you can have a playlist for your…it can play as many playlists as you want.

And I’ll show you; one of the things that this app has is—well, I’ll get to it. But anyways, it allows you to make playlists. Oh, for all you geniuses out there—who may not be geniuses but think they are—we actually have a place where you can go to the Wish List, and you can put in what you would like to wish. We will take…definitely take a look at it. And if it is possible, we will do it.

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