The Journey

You can make one lifetime the most incredible time.
Jul 02, 2017
For the journey of life to be successful, it is essential to take along the most critical supplies.

You can make one lifetime the most incredible time.

As human beings living on the face of this earth, there is a lot that is good. But there are certain habits we have that are not so good. And one of the bad habits is that we are so attracted to distractions. And in this life, that’s a bad habit! Because it robs you of the essential things that you need in this life to make this a beautiful occasion.

This is the possibility; this is what you can do. You can make one lifetime the most incredible time.

We, on this journey.... You know, it’s a bit like an exit to the ocean—a channel—and all these people are going in that channel to go out into the ocean. And you see a dockage and a sign: “If you want to make this journey comfortable, pull in here.”

And somebody inside says, “Can I help you?” “Yeah, I would like this journey to be nice—comfortable, beautiful.” He says, “Okay, I’ve got this stuff. Take it with you.” And what is it? He hands him gallons and gallons of water.

People say, “Agh! I don’t need water. I’m going to be surrounded by water. I don’t need water!” “Ah, ah, ah, well, wait, wait, but you can’t really drink that water. You need clean fresh water—so take some water with you. A compass?” “I don’t need a compass. I’ve got a compass in my boat!”

“Yeah, but in case you have to abandon your boat, get into the raft, if you have a compass that you can have in your pocket, then wherever you go, you will have a compass. You will not be dependent on this boat to have a compass.”

“I don’t need a compass. I don’t need this. I don’t need that.” All the excuses come up. And what is it that people say? “Ah, you’re just wasting my time. I could have been on my way.” Sorry! Be on your way.

Then when you get out there, and the waves go, “oh-whooo!” But, to pull in, to listen to what is being said, that there are those times when the problems become so unsurmountable, that all the strength that you thought you had, you don’t. Those waves get big. The boat gets small. Then what do you do?

It’s not a joy ride! It’s not something you can just say, “Okay, that’s enough. I’m going to pull over.” No. You go back; you’ve got to go through the same waves. You go forward; you’ve got to go through the same waves. When the problems become unsurmountable, what strength do you need?

You do not like the big waves. Remember, though, for the ocean, it’s normal. You like what you like—those flat, calm waters, no waves. Everything just beautiful, still. And you even will make a comment, “Look how still the water is.” This is not normal. This is abnormal.

In this grind of this world, the good and bad are like on a wheel, keeps going, keeps coming, keeps going, keeps coming, keeps going, keeps coming. But what precaution have you taken? That’s the question. The size of the wave is not under your control. But the precaution you can take is under your control.

And when you have found a way to be able to anchor yourself in that ocean, in this breath, then you have taken proper and correct precautions. In this breath—to find your home in this breath, to find your anchor in this breath. To find, indeed, your reality in this breath.

It’s a matter of perceptions. Because it is through your perceptions that you see that which is fake, so real. The illusion—that is why it is an illusion, because it appears so real.

You have to walk; you have to go; you have to proceed. If you proceed in understanding, if you proceed in clarity, if you proceed with this heart, if you proceed with consciousness, the journey will not only be successful, but very joyful.

-Prem Rawat

Excerpt from Thousand Oaks, California

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