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The Pressure Cooker

What is this pressure I create for myself?
12/2/2017 12:00:00 AM

Sometimes it feels like you are a pressure cooker, right? You know what a pressure cooker is, right? 

And sometimes this pressure cooker isn’t just a pressure cooker; it’s going to blow! Whoosh!.

And you always think it’s the big things in life, the hurdles, that really must be making this pressure cooker go. But it’s not. It’s the little things. 

This pressure is defined, not by the big problems that you have - or obvious - it’s the little, little, little, little, tiny problems you have accumulated all your life. And they are so tiny that you don’t even know they exist there. But they do. And they gnaw at you, 24/7, every day they gnaw at you.

I just wanted to let you know that the pressure in your life is actually constituted by the little things not the obvious big things. Because the big things you can see them coming and going. But the little ones are always there.

The house is not going to fall because of the earthquake. Uh Uh!. It’s going to fall because of the termites that you can’t even see that are eating every single structural piece of wood. This house is going to come down, not because of an earthquake. It could be just a gust of wind one day.

I just thought you might be interested in knowing that.

So pay attention to those little things. Start looking around: what are these things, what is this load I am carrying? What is this pressure I create for myself? This is what we are talking about, the audit.

So where are you?

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